Auto lift container


Auto Lift Container

Auto lift container is a mobile container model that provides practical surgical service in the military field. Auto lift container lifts itself to 160 cm from the ground and has a self-loading feature thanks to its hydraulic system feet that can be opened and closed to the sides.

Vertisa Trailer produces auto lift in desired width and length. At the same time, the production of expandable auto lifts according to customer preference is also carried out within Vertisa Trailer.

What are the General Features of the Auto Lift Container?

  • Auto lift containers are special containers developed for mobile military solutions.
  • It is 5 meters long and 6.5 meters wide when open. These values ​​are increased according to preference.
  • It can lift to 160 cm thanks to the hydraulic system.
  • It has hydraulic system feet that can be opened and closed sideways.
  • It can load itself onto a truck or lorry without a crane or similar vehicle.
  • Self-lifting and loading of the auto-lift container are controlled by the remote control.
  • It is manufactured in an expandable structure according to preference.
  • It has an editing room, intensive care room, and laboratory room.
  • Auto lift container components such as hydraulic power unit, and electrical system control panel are located in the technical room.
  • The auto lift container produced for healthcare purposes is made of an easy-to-clean material.

Vertisa Trailer is an auto lift container company that produces auto lift containers to provide emergency response services to the injured and patients during military and civil defense organizations. Contact Vertisa Trailer, which is one of the first names that come to mind for mobile military solutions by many countries of the world, and get an offer.

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Where is an Auto Lift Container Used?

Auto lift container is specially designed and manufactured for mobile military fieldwork. Especially during the war, natural disaster, or any possible attack, it provides an opportunity for emergency treatment or examination to soldiers or civilians.

The auto lift container used by the military or civil defense organizations of the country has an important and special place in saving human life. Search for Vertisa Trailer and get a quote for a customizable auto lift container.

Auto Lift Container manufacturing

Auto lift container manufacturing is created within the framework of your needs. You decide the width, the length, or the various options through the extensions. With its advanced technology and expert staff, Vertisa Trailer manufactures the most suitable auto lift container for you. An expandable auto lift container was manufactured as a result of expert R&D group studies on this subject. Innovation technology and innovative perspective in manufacturing is a vision for Vertisa Trailer. Vertisa Trailer, which is the most preferred brand by many countries of the world, has expert staff and 30 years of history in this sector.

What is an Expandable Auto Lift Container?

The ever-developing science of technology led to the emergence of the expandable auto lift container. The auto lift container, which has a very practical use with its self-loading feature, has become even more modern when the expandability feature is added.

The expandable auto lift container has a system controlled by remote control. The remote control also has different options. After the auto lift container is deployed to the appropriate place, it is enough to press the appropriate option from these options. In minutes, you get an auto lift container that has expanded from the sides. With the expandable auto lift container designed for the benefits of the era and the use of military and civil defense organizations, health care becomes more practical and of higher quality.

Wherever you are in the world, simply contact Vertisa Trailer. Vertisa Trailer listens to understand you. As a result, it designs and manufactures solution-oriented tools that will bring you quality results.

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