Container transporter trailer

Container Transporter Trailer
Container Transporter Trailer

Container Transporter Trailer

A container transporter trailer is special vehicle used in container transport between 20 ft and 45 ft. Container transporter generally acts as a bridge between sea and land. Thus, it has an important place in port transportation.

Vertisa Trailer has been continuing container transorter trailer production in Turkey for years with its advanced manufacturing technology. It offers quality solutions to the container transporter trailer needs of the domestic and international transportation sector.

What is Container Trailer Features?

  • Container trailer can extend. This means more carrying capacity.
  • It is produced to be at the same height as the dock. Thus, by scrolling, the container load is easily loaded onto the platform.
  • Its capacity and number of locks are determined according to the need.
  • Provides comfortable use in all climatic conditions.
  • Every component used in production is by European standards.

Trailer production for every region of the world

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Container Trailer Usage Areas

A container trailer is generally used in port transportation. Cargo operations of high-tonnage containers are also carried out with these trailers. A container trailer is one of the most suitable vehicles for oversized cargo transportation. Vertisa, which has managed to achieve European standards with completely domestic production, produces container trailers suitable for every load. It produces fast and high-quality solutions for its customers in many countries with customer satisfaction and long-term use guarantee.

Container Trailer Production

Vertisa, produces the most suitable trailer for logistics companies dealing with port transportation. It delivers the container trailer, which it produces in the desired width and length, to its customers in a fast and daily manner. If needed, Vertisa also manufactures self-loading container trailers. Thanks to this feature, the container to be transferred are loaded onto the platform within minutes. Container trailer production is designed according to demand in capacities of 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft, and 45 ft.

Call the Vertisa Trailer, which is preferred by many countries of the world with its 30 years of experience in trailer production. Get Offer.

20 FT Container Transporter Trailer

20 ft container transporter trailer has a load-carrying capacity of 30-35 tons. Vertisa Trailer customizes the 20 ft container transporter according to the needs with advanced technology.

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30 FT Container Transporter Trailer

Vertisa produces 30 ft container transporter trailer according to customer demands. With container transporters produced by European standards, transportation processes become easier.

40 FT Container Transporter Trailer

The 40 ft container transporter has a load-carrying capacity of 40 to 45 tons. The 40 ft container transporter needs of many logistics companies are met by Vertisa Trailer.

45 FT Container Transporter Trailer

45 ft container transporter trailers are special production vehicles used for long and short-distance container transportation. It is designed according to the need. Visa professionally performs project-based manufacturing works for all companies that need a Trailer to move shipping containers.

Advantages of Container Trailer for Transport

Advantages of the container trailer to the transportation industry;

  • The back part is extendable. Thus, the possibility that the load to be transported will not fit on the platform is eliminated.
  • The load can be easily loaded onto the trailer.
  • It provides a safe driving opportunity thanks to its non-slip roof and stable trailer.
  • More than one container transport is done at the same time.
  • Thanks to the platform floor, which is produced in line with the port, the load is easily loaded to the vehicle by making a small shift.

Trailer models produced by Vertisa are put through test drives. Contact Vertisa, which has an international industrial production certificate, and get a quote.

Container Transporter Trailer Prices

Container transporter trailer prices may vary due to various add-ons and differences. Approaching the needs of the transportation industry with a solution-oriented approach, Vertisa offers financially convenient payment plans to its customers. Contact Vertisa for affordable prices and expert trailer solutions.