Curtainsider trailer


Curtainsider Trailer

A Curtainsider trailer is a semi-trailer model consisting of a canvas curtain system that can be opened and closed on the sides. A Curtainsider trailer is an ideal option when the load to be transported needs to be protected from external effects. Curtainsider trailer is also called curtain side flatbed or curtainsider truck. It is fully equipped for long-haul freight transportation. It is frequently preferred in national and international heavy cargo logistics. Curtainsider trailer is produced in different models; multi-ride, mega, curtained double-decker, maxima plus, roller.

Vertisa Trailer produces each of its curtainsider semi-trailer models on a project-based basis for the fast, practical, and safe completion of the transportation operation.

What Are The Curtainside Trailer Dimensions?

Curtainsider trailer dimensions are projected according to certain standards. Thus, it becomes very easy to find a curtainsider truck suitable for the cargo to be transported. In general, curtain side trailer dimensions;

  • The load capacity is 32,800 kg.
  • Internal length is 13.62 meters.
  • Inner width is 2.48 meters.
  • Door opening width and height: 2.45 and 2.67 meters.

These dimensions are the most preferred. According to the need, many features from trailer length to curtain height can be revised. With its 30 years of experience, expert R&D group, and professional manufacturing team, Vertisa continues its solution-oriented production activities for the transportation sector.

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What Is Curtainsider Trailer Used For?

The curtainsider trailer is ideal for transferring loads that need to be protected from external elements. It is used to transport different types of cargo such as precision production equipment, automobiles, and even timber. This trailer model is the right choice for a comfortable and safe transfer operation in international transportation. Contact Vertisa to get a quote for the curtainsider trailer that suits your needs.

What are the Advantages of Curtainsider Flatbed?

Curtainsider flatbed is a very helpful long-haul transport vehicle. The high-performance curtain side flatbed is manufactured by Vertisa;

  • Thanks to the curtains opened from the sides, it is possible to load the trailer quickly and easily by more than one forklift.
  • The material to be transported is protected from climatic conditions using curtains.
  • It does not cause any problems legally.
  • Length, width, and height are projected according to to need.
  • The quality and longevity of the curtains that can be opened contribute economically.
  • Since the curtains can be pulled forward or backward, they are very helpful to use.
  • Safety kits are used to prevent the curtains from opening or tossing.
  • Different types such as multi-ride, mega, and maxima are produced according to the needs.

Vertisa Trailer produces curtain-side flatbeds according to the needs within the framework of wide options. For companies engaged in active transportation in many countries of the world, Vertisa quickly and professionally produces all kinds of curtainsider trailers with the desired features.

Curtainsider Semi Trailer Manufacturing

Vertisa Trailer continues to work completely solution-oriented in the production of Curtainsider semi-trailers. It uses high quality, long-lasting and international standards in its manufacturing works. Vertisa passes all necessary control tests on all types of curtainsider trailers it manufactures.

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Multi Ride

Curtain multi-ride with opening curtain and roof feature is a special option developed for transportation. Project-based production is provided by Vertisa with its large volume and long-lasting structure.


The mega model with curtains, which offers a very large transport volume its internal capacity, is very ideal for safe transportation service thanks to its load lashing system.

Curtained Double Decker

With this model, which has more than 200 fastening holes, a large number of materials are stacked on the platform and its shipment is completed safely.

Maxima Plus

The curtainsider maxima plus, which is manufactured by international cargo transport laws, is a trailer model developed for transportation with its high and wide volume. It provides great benefits in international transportation with its wide load-carrying capacity and safety kits.


One of the curtainsider trailer models, the roller; was Developed for roll transport. Thanks to the specially designed chassis surface, rolls produced from all kinds of steel or different materials can be safely transported with the role model.

Curtainsider Trailer Price?

Curtainsider trailer prices differ based on models. The prices, which are based on all curtainsider trailer models, which are very useful and durable, are configured by Vertisa in the most appropriate way for users. You can contact Vertisa immediately and get an offer, which guarantees longevity, maximum performance, safety, and a reasonable price for each trailer model produced on a project basis by the road laws for many different countries.