Dolly trailer


Dolly Trailer

A Dolly trailer is a 4-axle non-motorized vehicle that can be connected to a motor vehicle such as a truck or lorry. A dolly trailer is designed for the different needs of the transportation sector. It is suitable for use on bridge crossings of less than 25 meters in every country. It is the trailer model that is frequently preferred in heavy cargo transportation.

Vertisa Trailer is designed according to its intended use, with different capacities and other features.

What are the General Features of the Dolly Trailer?

A Dolly trailer is a trailer model that is combined with a motor vehicle used in long-distance heavy-duty transportation. A standard dolly trailer developed by Vertisa for long-distance logistics transportation;

  • It is produced without a motor.
  • Creates extra carrying capacity.
  • It has front wheels and a landing unit.
  • It is produced in different forms such as 2, 3, or 4 axles.
  • It has a specially designed hook or loop on the front for the car to which it will be attached.
  • Standard features can be stretched according to the type or weight of the load to be carried.
  • It has a front and middle axle lifting system that can be controlled from inside the cabin.
  • Loading and unloading operations are done practically with the ramp change arm.

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Dolly Trailer Types

Dolly trailer is produced in different forms according to its intended use. This difference is mainly due to the number of axles used in manufacturing. Also, factors such as length and width are determined according to needs. Thanks to the Dolly trailer differences, different options emerge for each load. Vertisa; manufactures 2, 3, and 4 axle dolly trailers on a project basis.

2 Axle Dolly Trailer

It is very helpful in mostly beam transportation. Each of the 2 axles has a capacity of 14 tons. It has a flat platform for easy loading and unloading of cargo. Standard sizes can be increased according to need.

3 Axle Dolly Trailer

It is very useful for carrying heavy and difficult-to-carry loads such as bridge beams or similar. This dolly trailer model, which is designed according to the needs, is produced by Vertisa to international standards.

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4 Axle Dolly Trailer

There are 4 pipe-supported axles on the 4-axle dolly trailer. To prevent shaking during the transportation of the products, 5 perforated saddles are designed. The electrical system and all necessary equipment differ according to the needs of the customers.

Dolly Trailer Manufacturing

Vertisa has been exporting trailers abroad for many years. Over the years, he has gained a lot of experience in design and manufacturing. Vertisa, which always focuses on achieving the best customer satisfaction, has successfully guided its trailer production studies based on advanced technology. As a result of the work of the expert R&D group, which brings together important criteria for the transportation sector, it has completed dolly trailer projects, each of which has different characteristics.

Vertisa, which produces the dolly trailer in a modern sense, and was developed based on the need for extra carrying capacity, has performed beyond the expectations of the customers. Vertisa, which has a completely solution-oriented, fast, and innovative perspective, has become the leading company that produces dolly trailers on behalf of the transportation sector in many countries.

Dolly Trailer Dimensions & Capacities

Dolly trailer dimensions can be customized according to customer demands. The following dimensions are taken as standard for dolly trailer capacities;

  • 2-axle dolly trailer; It has a carrying capacity of 20,000 to 50,000 tons. Dimensions are determined by preference.
  • 3 axle dolly trailer; It has a carrying capacity of 50 tons. It has a length of 1100 mm and a width of 2800 mm.
  • 4 axle trailer; load-carrying capacity is up to 60 tons. It has a length of 12500 mm and a width of 2800 mm.

These features, which are accepted as a standard in 2, 3, and 4 axle dolly trailer dimensions, can be stretched in line with the needs of individuals or companies. Beyond producing a trailer, Vertisa aims to produce professional dolly trailers for every need with a truly innovative perspective. Contact Vertisa, which has achieved this goal by European standards, and get detailed information about dolly trailers.

Dolly Trailer Prices

Vertica’s performance in dolly trailer manufacturing makes its customers very satisfied. At this point, the Vertisa dolly has achieved the same success with trailer prices, which has reached its goal. Contact Vertisa now for affordable solutions and high-performance dolly trailer models and get a quote.