Emergency field hospital


Emergency Field Hospital

An emergency field hospital is an independent hospital facility developed by Vertisa to provide on-site health services to the civilian population in military fields or disaster areas, manufactured on a project basis. The emergency field hospital, which is produced as trailer-based or on-vehicle, can be customized according to the need, apart from the standard dimensions. The emergency field hospital, which can be easily transported to any desired location, are mobile units that are ready for immediate use.

Emergency Field Hospital Trailer

Emergency field hospital trailers are ready-made mobile units that can be used as independent hospital units in all types of supply and climate conditions. The emergency field hospital trailer, whose dimensions are determined entirely as a result of user specifications, is produced by Vertisa on a project basis. Its capacity can be increased up to 20, 50, 100, and more beds. Vertisa, which has been manufacturing field hospitals for many years, uses all its experience in this field to develop field hospital units with full quality, functionality, and maximum performance.

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Emergency Field Hospital Truck

Emergency field hospital truck  is independent field hospital units that can be scaled out of standard sizes according to the need. They are mobile units that provide on-site health services to respond to the sick and injured in military areas or disaster areas. Emergency field hospital trucks are produced in very durable structures that can be used in difficult road conditions.

Vertisa continues its work in Turkey without compromising on quality and cost-effectiveness in the production of emergency field hospital trucks, both on a domestic and international basis.

Emergency Field Hospital General Features

The emergency field hospital, manufactured by Vertisa in line with the needs of healthcare professionals and healthcare services;

  • It is economical.
  • They are ready-to-use units.
  • According to the need, more than one unit can be combined into more complex hospitals.
  • Capacities can be arranged as 100 beds and more.
  • It can be easily shipped to the required area.
  • It has a non-slip floor.
  • In general, it is easy to clean and can be disinfected quickly.

Where is Emergency Field Hospital Used?

Emergency field hospitals are generally ready-to-use hospital units developed to provide on-site health care. These portable hospitals, which are mostly used in the military field, also offer the opportunity to provide health services to the civilian population in case of natural disasters. All clinical services that should be in a settled hospital can be easily provided in an emergency field hospital. Yet, it can also be used to position the hospital building, which has become unusable for any reason, in a suitable and safe area. Vertisa manufactures emergency field hospitals to ensure that health services can be continued without interruption, even under all adverse conditions.

Emergency Field Hospital Manufacturers & Emergency Field Hospital Company

Emergency field hospital manufacturers and emergency field hospital companies conduct various researches and analyses to design, develop and produce suitable mobile health units for each country. They strive to use all the possibilities of technology for mobile hospital solutions that offer high performance and practical use for military personnel and civil protection. Within the framework of this vision and mission, Vertisa has been producing mobile emergency field patients far beyond expectations for many years. Always working with the best in the field to provide the best solution to the users, Vertisa develops high-performance mobile emergency field hospitals in the military field according to the needs. You can contact the Vertisa expert technical team immediately to get detailed information and offers about the emergency field hospital projects that have been carried out for many countries within the framework of experience, expert team, and technology science.

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