Low loader trailer


Low Loader Trailer

A low-loader trailer is a type of trailer specially designed for heavy load transportation. The height of the low-loader trailer from the ground does not exceed 100 mm. This allows the trailer to hold onto the ground more firmly. This is very important for the transportation to be completed safely. In many parts of the world, low-loader trailers are used for heavy load transfer. It is manufactured in different capacities according to the weight and volume of the load to be transported.

The purpose and function of each trailer are different. Vertisa Trailer produces low-loader trailers in different capacities for all kinds of needs. Contact us to review our low-loader trailer sample project works and to get detailed information.

What Can Be Transported With The Low Loader Trailer?

A low-loader trailer is generally used to transport high tonnage loads from one place to another. And also;

  • Construction machinery
  • High tonnage pipes,
  • Mass production vehicles
  • Mass production of heavy materials
  • Boats can be easily transferred with a low loader.

A low loader is ideal for national and international transportation. Vertisa designs and manufactures all kinds of low-loader trailers for your needs with its expert R&D group and professional manufacturing department.

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Low Loader Trailer Manufacturers

Different trailers have been developed so that the transportation industry can complete its operations safely in a shorter time. The low-loader trailer is one of the trailer types developed for both economical and fast transportation of users. Vertica’s low-loader trailer manufacturing primarily analyzes the factors that are seen in the sector and need to be eliminated. Accordingly, a low loader is developed by the expert R&D group and brought to a level that can offer maximum performance. Vertisa has given a new impetus to the global transportation industry with its low loader production. Vertisa is in a leading position as a low-loader trailer manufacturer with its quality, reliability, longevity, and after-delivery service guarantee.

Low Loader Trailer Specifications

Low loader trailer specifications are customized out of the standard. Thus, the transportation processes are completed without any problems and practically. Low loader specifications;

  • The low loader platform has a maximum height of 100 mm from the ground.
  • It is very practical to load the cargo into the vehicle.
  • Holds firmly to the road thanks to its low body. Thus, it increases the transfer safety level.
  • Low loader neck part can be easily removed and installed according to preference.
  • It has the opportunity to rotate up to 55 degrees.
  • Thanks to the low chassis, it does not cause legal problems in the transportation of high-height materials or vehicles.
  • It is produced with 2,3,4,5 axles according to the needs.

Vertisa Trailer produces low-loader trailers with superior technological opportunities and guarantees long-term use.

Low Loader Products

Low-loader products are designed and produced within the framework of domestic and international operational needs. Attaching importance to R&D studies to carry the transportation sector to the future, Vertisa produces low loaders in different capacities according to the needs of the customers.

  • 2 axle low loader
  • 3 axle low loader
  • 4 axle low loader
  • It is produced in 5 axle low loader forms.

Each low loader can be re-projected within itself according to demand. Length and width of 2, 3, 4, and 5 axle low loaders can be increased. For more detailed information about the low loader, contact Vertisa Trailer now.

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Low Bed Trailer
Low Bed Trailer

Low Loader Prices

Low loader prices vary according to different options. Low loader prices are determined according to the number of axles, trailer volume, and other similar factors. Apart from the products and services it has developed to meet the operational needs of its customers in many countries at a high level, Vertisa offers reasonable prices and payment plans for its customers. Call Vertisa for more detailed information about low loader prices.