Lowbed trailer


Low Bed Trailer

Low bed trailer; they are low-bed semi-trailers used for transporting mining or construction machinery. A low bed trailer is generally known as a low bed semi-trailer. It is very helpful in high tonnage freight transportation. Since the chassis part is not too high from the ground, there is no shaking during transportation. Because the chassis is close to the ground, the low bed trailer is firmly attached to the road and provides high safety control.

Vertisa Trailer manufactures customized low-bed trailers for all kinds of needs in Turkey by European standards.

What are the General Features of Low Bed Semi Trailer?

  • Low bed semi-trailer has different features according to the amount of load to be transported. Thus, the trailer load carrying capacity is designed according to the needs.
  • Low bed semi-trailer can be increased up to 30 – 50 – 80 – 100 or 200 tons load-carrying capacity.
  • The distance between the chassis part and the ground is very narrow.
  • The curb weight of the Lowbed platform product group is light.
  • The number of axles is increased according to the amount of load to be transported.
  • It is very useful for long-distance heavy cargo transportation.
  • It is made of durable and long-lasting material.

Vertisa has come to the forefront with its innovative technology and low bed semi-trailer manufacturing for all kinds of needs. Vertisa, a company with 30 years of experience and expert staff, offers fast and high-quality solutions to low-bed semi-trailer demands from international logistics companies.

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For Which Purposes is Lowbed Semi Trailer Ideal?

  • Low bed semi-tariler has fixed or extensible product group. Thus, it is very ideal for transporting materials such as construction machines and various concrete blocks at maximum capacity.
  • It is used in the transportation of bulky and heavy vehicles such as locomotives and wagons used in the field of rail systems.
  • It is suitable for the transportation of heavy-duty vehicles used in the mining field.
  • It shows high performance in transporting demounted vehicles used in the forestry sector to the forest or storage area. The low bed, which has wheels that can easily travel in forest areas, is also very functional in this regard.
  • It is at the forefront of agricultural machinery transportation. It is used to transport excavators, cranes, or other agricultural product transporter or harvester machinery.
  • Low bed trailers are the primary choice for transporting bridge beams or pre-prepared concrete blocks used as construction materials.
  • Low bed semi-trailer is used for disassembling and transporting the windmill.
  • Low bed semi-trailers are also used in the transportation of packaged materials or products manufactured by factories, apart from heavy machinery and vehicles.

Low bed Semi Trailer Product Group

A low bed semi-trailer (low bed trailer) is designed according to the amount or quality of the load it carries. So, it is ensured that the right load is transported with a properly designed low bed. According to the carrying capacity of low bed trailers with wide options;

  • 2 axle low bed
  • 3 axle low bed
  • 4 axle low bed
  • 5 axle low bed
  • 6 axle low bed
  • 7 axle low bed
  • 8 axle low bed

Vertisa increases the competitiveness of its customers with low beds of different capacities manufactured to European standards. It delivers the trailer produced in Turkey to the requested country in a fast and safe manner.

2 axle low bed semi-trailer

2-axle low bed semi-trailer is manufactured by Vertisa in desired width and length. A low bed with 2 axles in the trailer part is one of the important assistants of logistics companies.

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Low Bed Trailer
Low Bed Trailer

3 axle low bed semi-trailer

A 3-axle low bed is specially designed and manufactured in line with the demands. The trailer of this low bed type, which can be produced in the desired length and width according to the demand, has 3 axles.

4 axle low bed semi-trailer

4 axles are placed on the semi-trailer part of the 4-axle low bed trailer. Low bed semi-trailers with 4 axles, which can vary in length and width according to needs, make the transportation of heavy loads practical.

5 axle low bed semi-trailer

The 5-axle low bed is specially designed according to the needs and professionally manufactured by Vertisa.

6 axle low bed semi-trailer

It is a trailer model designed in line with the demands of logistics companies for the transportation of very heavy loads with 6 axles. Vertisa manufactures 6-axle low beds in European standards with a completely solution-oriented approach.

7 axle low bed semi-trailer

7 axle low bed is designed and produced according to needs. The trailer has 7 axles located in the low bed trailer with 7 axles, the length of which can be increased according to preference.

8 axle low bed semi-trailer

The 8-axle low bed trailer is a project-based trailer model that facilitates the transportation of heavy-duty construction machinery and vehicles. The 8-axle low bed trailer, which is manufactured with high-tech manufacturing equipment, has a very resistant structure in international transportation.

What are the Advantages of Low Bed Semi Trailer in Transportation?

Also, the wide options of low beds manufactured by Vertisa in European standards, it has various usage advantages.

  • Low bed rear platform is lower than other transport vehicles. Thus, it becomes practical to load very heavy vehicles or loads on the chassis.
  • Thanks to the main beams that can be raised, it is ensured that the material to be transported is safe.
  • Low bed group trailers, which are produced in forms by the laws of the requested country, do not cause legal problems in the transportation of long loads.
  • Products that are packed properly and placed on the chassis are not damaged during transportation.
  • Container locks and load rings can be used in different options. This increases the variety of loads to be transported with a low bed.

Lowbed Semi Trailer Manufacturing

Vertisa uses advanced technology in the production of low-bed semi-trailers. With more than 30 years of experience and expert staff, it proudly offers low bed trailer models that it has manufactured in European standards to all countries of the world. Contact Vertisa Trailer, which has become an important low bed semi-trailer company worldwide, and get more detailed information.

Lowbed Trailer Prices

Lowbed trailer prices vary within the framework of different options. Thus, the low bed trailer group, which is specially designed and manufactured, is priced according to different features such as the number of axles (carrying capacity), number of beams, length, and width. Vertisa produces solutions for all your transportation needs with its completely solution-oriented projects and reasonable prices. Contact us to get detailed information and offer about low bed prices, which are very affordable financially.

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