Military field hospital


Military Field Hospital

A military field hospital is an independent hospital facility with practical installation developed for military fields. Also known as an army field hospital. Vertisa produces military field hospitals on a project basis by bringing together different clinics according to needs. The military field hospital is demanded by many countries so that health services are not interrupted in times of war or attack. Vertisa has professionally completed and delivered all the requests it has received, with a fast and solution-oriented approach. Still actively continuing to manufacture military field hospitals, Vertisa constantly updates its manufacturing activities in line with the needs of the health sector and users.

Army Field Hospital General Features

The army field hospital, manufactured by Vertisa on a project-based basis, by European quality standards;

  • Clinics with different fields of expertise are brought together according to needs.
  • It has standard rooms such as a water tank, kitchen, and toilet.
  • It can be easily moved to the desired place.
  • It can be produced in trailer or truck types.
  • The walls have a heat insulation system.
  • It is produced from material that can be easily wiped and disinfected quickly.
  • It is projected to have 20, 50, 100, and more bed cassettes.

Trailer production for every region of the world

Project 80%
Production 90%
Sales 95%

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Military Trailer Hospital Unit

Military trailer hospital units are trailer-based hospital units designed by Vertisa completely in line with the needs. The military trailer hospital, which is produced in the desired width and length, can be transported to the needed area in a practical way using a motor vehicle. Its installation is very practical and does not waste much time. It costs less than an established hospital clinic and is much more functional use. It can be adapted to all climatic conditions. You can contact our technical team immediately to get detailed information about these portable hospital units developed for the military with Vertisa’s experience and expert staff.

Military Truck Hospital

The military truck hospital is an independent hospital unit that has been developed by Vertisa to be completely solution-oriented and allows various health services to be performed on-site in the military field. Since the military truck hospital has a wheeled structure, it can be transported safely and quickly to any desired location. Length and width dimensions can be projected outside the standards by Vertisa, according to the needs. A military truck trailer allows all kinds of health services to be performed on-site, from examination to surgical operation. Vertisa has optimized on-site health services in the military field with the manufacture of military truck hospitals. You can get more detailed information about the military truck hospital by contacting the Vertisa expert technical team.

Military Field Hospital Application Areas

Vertisa has improved the classic versions of the mobile military field hospital and solved its main weaknesses for the practical application of surgical and sensitive medical treatment on-site. As a result of these researches and examinations, the fields of application of the military field hospital, which he modernized;

  • Emergency
  • Laboratory
  • Operating room
  • Surgical sterilization
  • MRI clinic
  • ICU clinic and more.

Military Truck Hospital Manufacturer & Military Field Hospital Company

Institutions and organizations serving as military truck hospital manufacturers and military field hospital companies have developed various solutions in response to the needs of various health studies in the military and civil protection field. Vertisa offers various solutions to these needs with its 30 years of experience, expert R&D group, expert engineers, and professional manufacturing team. One of these solutions, the military truck hospital, is fully customizable. To provide on-site health services at the maximum level, all kinds of health services can be easily provided without the need for a hospital building, with the military field hospital offered by Vertisa.


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