Mobile ATM & Bank Trailer


Mobile ATM Trailer

Mobile ATM trailer is designed as ready-to-use banks in various events with wide participation or next to institutions or organizations serving different purposes. A mobile ATM trailer is also called a mobile bank. The mobile ATM trailer, which is manufactured with the desired features, is an alternative mobile solution offered to meet instant cash needs.

Vertisa manufactures mobile ATM trailers at European standards. The mobile ATM trailer, which is constantly updated by the expert R&D group, can be practically transported to the required area.

Bank Trailer

Bank trailer is another name for mobile ATM trailer. Financial transactions are easily handled with the bank trailer, which ends the job of searching for a fixed bank. The bank trailer, which provides easy access to the bank, is designed and manufactured by Vertisa according to the needs.

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What are the General Features of the Mobile ATM Trailer?

Mobile ATM trailer manufactured by Vertisa with an innovative perspective on a project basis;

  • Since it has a wheeled structure, it can be easily transported to the desired location.
  • The number of computers to be placed on the mobile ATM trailer may be less or more depending on the need.
  • It offers the possibility of use in all kinds of road conditions.
  • It is produced from materials that are highly resistant to climatic conditions.
  • ATM compartments can be closed with lockable covers.
  • It has the necessary equipment that will not look like a fixed ATM.

It does not need any wired connection.

Where is the Mobile ATM Trailer Used?

Vertisa, which has been working in the field of mobile solutions for 30 years, continues to offer professional solutions to the different needs of users. Project-based mobile ATM produced by Vertisa with the same performance;

  • Festival
  • Concert
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centers are also used temporarily.

Mobile ATM Trailer Manufacturer

Mobile ATM Trailer manufacturing is designed and manufactured according to the demands of the users. Practically, the portable mobile ATM trailer is positioned near a hospital, near a university, or in places where people can easily see and use it for a temporary crowded organization. The material used in the production of mobile ATM trailers is very important. Manufactured from long-lasting and highly resistant materials against oxidation, the mobile trailer ATM offers the opportunity to be used in all climatic conditions. Vertisa has been leading the production of easy-to-carry and long-lasting mobile ATMs for many years within the framework of its professional manufacturing team and expert R&D group studies.

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