Mobile blood donation unit

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Mobile Blood Donation Trailer

Mobile blood donation unit is mobile units that can be easily transported to different locations and were developed to increase people’s awareness of blood donation and make them donate on-site. It is also called by names such as mobile blood donation unit, mobile blood transfusion unit, and blood bank vehicle. With its innovative and solution-oriented perspective, Vertisa continues its professional project-based mobile blood donation unit manufacturing activities in Turkey for the needs of users. It has completed mobile blood donation unit projects for many countries. Continuing to actively offer mobile solutions in the sector, Vertisa has achieved the European quality standards valid in many countries in the production of trailers.

Mobile Blood Transfusion Unit

Mobil blood transfusion unit is one of the names used for mobile blood donation unit. These mobile units, which can be easily transported to the desired location, are designed and manufactured by Vertisa according to their needs. The mobile blood transfusion unit, which adapts to every climate and road condition, can be produced on a vehicle or a trailer basis.

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Mobile Blood Bank Vehicle

Mobil blood bank vehicles can be used as special facilities developed for both blood collection and storage of collected blood. More blood collection can be done with the mobile blood bank vehicle, which can be used easily in all kinds of terrain conditions. These mobile facilities, which also allow blood testing, can also be used as an extra blood storage area for a hospital.

Blood Donation Truck

It becomes very practical to increase the rate of blood donation with the blood donation truck, which is designed according to the needs. With the blood donation truck, which offers comfortable use in different terrain and road conditions, it is ensured that people can donate blood even in rural areas. With the mobile blood truck manufactured by Vertisa, it is possible to donate blood, perform blood tests and store the collected blood.

Mobile Trailer Blood Advantages

Vertisa has successfully transformed a trailer into a mobile trailer blood unit by combining its experience in trailer manufacturing, innovative perspective, and technology. The mobile trailer blood, which is produced in line with the needs of the users, provides many advantages for health workers;
  • It provides the opportunity to do a blood test.
  • For blood donation, it can be taken to different locations by passing through difficult roads.
  • It can be used as an extra blood storage unit.
  • Dimensions are designed according to needs.
  • Inner walls can be easily disinfected.
  • More than one person can donate blood at the same time.

Mobile Blood Donation Unit (Blood Donation Mobile Health Vehicle) Features

Vertisa has optimized blood donation processes with the mobile blood donation unit. mobile blood donation unit also called blood donation mobile health vehicle;

  • It is expandable according to preference.
  • It has solar energy panels.
  • It consists of basic areas such as the examination room, blood donation hall, and reception area.
  • Six people can donate blood at the same time. Optionally, this capacity can be increased.
  • It has an Internet system.
  • There is a water tank and a water system.

Expandable Mobile Blood Donation Unit

Vertisa, with its innovative and modern perspective, has successfully integrated smart technology into mobile trailer manufacturing. Vertisa has professionally completed project-based expandable mobile blood donation unit projects for many countries. The expandable mobile blood donation unit produced by Vertisa, which is still actively working, is a system that can be controlled with remote control. To activate this system;

  • First of all, the mobile blood donation unit is placed in a suitable area in the required area.
  • One or more of the different options on the remote control are started.
  • Within minutes, the mobile blood donation unit will be set up at the level you want.

Blood Bank Vehicle Manufacturers

Blood bank vehicle manufacturers; In particular, are developing various mobile units to increase the quality of health services and to make the work of health workers more practical. Vertisa, which performs above expectations in the field of trailer manufacturing, produces the mobile bench vehicle based on the needs of the users and the industry.

With its fast, reliable, and solution-oriented approach, Vertisa has completed project mobile solutions for many countries. You can get more detailed information about the blood bank vehicle by contacting Vertisa Trailer, which continues its activities professionally.

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