Mobile broadcast vehicle


Mobile Broadcast Vehicle

The mobile broadcast vehicle is a special production trailer model that saves the media sector employees from being limited to the interior, depending on the constantly advancing technology. With mobile broadcast, you can broadcast live video and audio and gather news even when you are on the go. A mobile broadcast vehicle is produced in the form of a truck or trailer. Thus, it can be easily transported to the desired location. It shows high performance in all kinds of climates and road conditions. Vertisa Trailer adapts mobile broadcast vehicles according to your needs and provides production.

Broadcast Trailer General Features

  • Broadcast trailer can be customized according to your needs.
  • It can be practically transported to the desired location depending on its trailer base.
  • It has a satellite and internet system.
  • It has the necessary space for a wall unit on which necessary equipment such as a camera, audio mixer, computer, and monitor can be placed.
  • It is expandable according to preference.
  • Provides fast and easy installation.
  • It offers the possibility of use in all climates and road conditions.
  • It can be produced in the desired width by going beyond the standards.

With the broadcast trailer, a broadcast trailer studio can be established where live broadcast content can be created. Vertisa designs a mobile broadcast trailer to meet the needs of the industry and customers and produces it in its most modern form.

Trailer production for every region of the world

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Broadcast Trailer Manufacturing

  • Vertisa Trailer produces the most suitable broadcast trailer for you with its expert R&D group, professional production department, and other experienced personnel. Listening to the expectations and needs of an internal and external structure and producing solutions is the first step of the manufacturing work. It can be produced in different forms such as Vehicles or trailers. Also, the length and width can be rearranged outside the standards according to the needs. By acting according to its innovative approach, Vertisa Trailer integrates its expandability feature into the broadcast trailer depending on your request. Vertisa offers fast and professional solutions to domestic and international demands with its manufacturing works that please its customers both aesthetically and functionally.

Expandable Broadcast Trailer

With the expandable broadcast trailer, production works can be done in a larger space with a more crowded working team. The expandable broadcast trailer controlled by remote control is very easy to use. After positioning the trailer in a place convenient for you, it is enough to press one or more of the different options on the remote control. The rest is up to the automation system. With the trailer that expands from the sides in minutes, you can have the broadcast trailer studio wherever you want. Vertisa Trailer performs far above expectations with the expandable broadcast trailer it has produced for many countries.

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