Mobile catering trailer


Mobile Catering Trailer

A mobile catering trailer is a mobile unit that enables the guests to serve food and beverages in various organizations. The mobile catering trailer, which can be easily transported to the desired location, has an easy installation.

Vertisa manufactures mobile catering trailers on a project basis. Vertisa Trailer, which has been producing mobile solutions for many years, customizes mobile catering trailers in line with needs.

Mobile Catering Truck Features

With its professional and innovative approach, mobile catering truck manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis;

  • It can be easily moved to the desired place.
  • It is projected in desired dimensions.
  • It can be produced as an expandable mobile trailer optionally.
  • It is in the comfort of a permanent kitchen.
  • Kitchen basic equipment is produced from stainless steel.
  • It is quickly installed and made ready for immediate use.
  • It provides the opportunity to work with more than one person.
  • Serving becomes practical thanks to the openable side covers.
  • The inner walls are made of material that does not absorb heat and moisture.

Trailer production for every region of the world

Project 80%
Production 90%
Sales 95%

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What is Expandable Mobile Catering Trailer

Vertisa has successfully integrated smart technology into the expandable mobile catering trailer with its innovative production approach. The expandable mobile catering trailer is controlled by remote control. After the catering trailer is positioned in a suitable place, it is enough to press one or a few buttons on the remote control. Within minutes, the catering trailer stretches out from the sides until it reaches the desired width. With expandable mobile catering, which provides a wider and more comfortable working environment for its users, serving food to the guests becomes both enjoyable and practical. Expandable mobile catering dimensions are designed according to the needs. For more information, you can contact Vertisa expert technical teams now.

Where to Use Mobile Catering Trailer?

  • Vertisa mobile catering is a mobile solution designed for users to serve food and beverages. So, mobile catering; is a practical alternative for catering in large-participation organizations. Wedding, engagement, graduation, crowded dinner invitation, etc. It is quickly installed and made ready for immediate use in ceremonies. It is possible to serve food to many people with mobile catering, which provides permanent kitchen comfort to its users.

Mobile Catering Trailer Manufacturer

  • Mobile catering manufacturer primarily focuses on the needs of users. The next step for mobile catering, which is projected in line with expectations and usage purposes, is production. The mobile catering developed by Vertisa as a result of expert R&D group studies can be in the form of on-vehicle or trailer, depending on preference.

Mobile Catering Trailer Company

The mobile catering trailer company aims to provide solutions for the needs in the production of mobile catering units that can be installed immediately and are ready for use. Vertisa responds to its customers with solutions beyond expectations in this regard. Vertisa quickly and successfully provided solutions to mobile catering trailer demands from many countries. You can contact the Vertisa technical team, which optimizes mobile trailer solutions by considering user needs and getting an offer.

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