Mobile clinic trailer


Mobil Clinic

A mobile clinic is mobile health units designed and developed for social help programs to provide on-site health services. The mobile clinic, which is produced as trailer-based or on-vehicle, is customized according to the needs.

Vertisa optimizes mobile clinics by evaluating all the necessary specifications to provide on-site healthcare. Vertisa adapts and manufactures mobile clinics within the framework of expert engineering, professional architecture, and design.

Mobil Clinic Trailer / Trailer Clinic

The mobile clinic trailer is a mobile hospital unit developed for on-site intervention to the injured and patients in an emergency. In short, it is also called a trailer clinic. Vertisa projects and produces clinical trailers in different sizes, completely tailored to your needs. Integrating its 30 years of experience with technology, Vertisa also equips mobile clinical trailers with smart technology. In this direction, it successfully produces an expandable mobile clinic for its users.

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Expandable Mobile Clinic Trailer

Expandable mobile clinic trailers are practical and functional mobile units developed based on the needs of the healthcare industry. The expandable mobile clinic trailer has a system controlled by remote control. After placing the mobile clinic in a suitable area, it will be enough to select the one that suits your needs from the different options on the remote control and press it. Within minutes, the mobile clinic reaches a much larger volume than it appears.

Thus, it is possible to provide on-site health services in a more ergonomic, spacious, and the wider area. Vertisa has successfully provided and continues to offer solutions to the expandable mobile clinic trailer demands received from many countries. You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get more detailed information about the most modern mobile clinic trailers of our time.

Mobil Clinic Truck / Truck Clinic

Mobil clinic truck is mobile medical units developed to provide wide-ranging health services in different regions based on end-user needs. Also known as Truck clinic. The clinic truck, which can be easily transported to any region needed, is designed and manufactured by the climate and road conditions of each country. The mobile clinic truck produced by Vertisa on a project basis is designed in a wide range to include all the necessary equipment that is ready for immediate use. Also, Vertisa customizes the production of mobile clinic trucks outside of standard sizes according to the needs and ensures its products without compromising on quality.

Mobile Clinic Features

The mobile clinic, which Vertisa produces on a project-based basis in line with user needs;

  • It can be trailer-based or on-vehicle.
  • They are immediately ready-to-use units.
  • It can be easily shipped anywhere on demand.
  • Inner wall and floor can be cleaned practically.
  • Tailored to each medical specialty and geographic location.
  • They are durable and easy to maintain units.
  • Expandable mobile clinic is designed according to need.
  • It can be used easily in any climate.

Trailer Clinic Manufacturer & Truck Clinic Company

The main purpose of the trailer clinic manufacturer and truck clinic company is to provide the greatest portable hospital solutions to the needs of the health sector and to take important steps for human health. Trailer clinic manufacturers and truck clinic companies offer mobile hospital solutions that have been made more modern by taking advantage of the technology that is advancing day by day. Vertisa, which has been serving in this field for 30 years, has always adopted the vision of working with the best for the best. Vertisa, which conducts extensive research on the specifications of the sector it serves, has proven its expertise in the sector with its innovative perspective and solutions that are far above user expectations. You can get detailed information about all our mobile hospital units by contacting the Vertisa technical team, which has shown superior success in the production of all mobile hospital units for the trailer clinic and truck clinic.

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