Mobile criminal research lab


Mobile Criminal Research Laboratory

Mobile crime laboratory definition; mobile laboratory for crime scene investigation and fast and safe collection of evidence. Long waits and so lost criminal evidence are now histories with mobile crime laboratories. With a mobile crime laboratory, collecting evidence is faster and more secure. It was designed as a mobile unit by Vertisa Trailer so that police or military teams can quickly collect evidence at the crime scene. Vertisa Trailer produces the customizable mobile crime lab with innovative technology and delivers it to users quickly.

What are the Mobile Criminal Investigation Laboratory Features?

  • Mobile criminal investigation laboratory is built on wheels.
  • It can be shipped to the desired place.
  • It has the necessary equipment to allow rapid analysis of the evidence.
  • It has a different types of options.
  • It has very useful interior equipment.
  • It is made of long-lasting material.
  • It is manufactured with or without armor, depending on preference.
  • It has the comfort of use in all kinds of climates and road conditions.

Vertisa Trailer produces mobile criminal investigation laboratory solutions for you. It is specially designed on behalf of the military and police units of each country and customized according to demand.

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Types of Crime Labs

A mobile crime lab is suitable for every need with Types of crime labs. Finding a solution is pretty easy. Types of crime labs, which is an important advantage of advanced technology;

  • Trailer-based mobile criminal laboratory
  • On-board mobile criminal laboratory
  • Armored crime scene investigation vehicle
  • Unarmoured criminal laboratory

Vertisa Trailer customizes, manufactures, and delivers each one for you. You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get detailed information about mobile criminal laboratories.

Mobile Criminal Investigation Laboratory Trailer

The mobile criminal investigation laboratory trailer is transferred to the needed area with the help of a motor vehicle. It has all the necessary research laboratory equipment. It is produced in the desired width and length. Vertisa Trailer manufactures especially for police and military security professionals. It is manufactured with or without armor according to your preference.

Mobil Crime Laboratory Vehicle

The mobile crime laboratory vehicle is fixed on wheels. It is manufactured at a level that will experience the least jolt while driving. He quickly catches up with the crime scene investigation. Vertisa Trailer is specially manufactured for police and military security professionals. Armored or unarmored production is determined according to your needs.

Armored Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle

The armored crime scene investigation vehicle is a special design. It is made of a very durable outer material. Being armored is very convenient security. It is quite solid for the police and military teams. Vertisa Trailer designs and manufactures the armored crime scene investigation vehicle according to your preferences.

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Unarmoured Crime Laboratory Investigation Vehicle

Vertisa Trailer manufactures the unarmored crime scene investigation vehicle for police and military security professionals. Unarmored crime laboratory investigation vehicles, manufactured in the desired width and length, offer long-lasting use. It can be customized by the special military and police organizations of all countries and states.

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Mobile Military Technology and Modern Mobil Crime Lab Manufacturer Vertisa Trailer

Mobil military technology is a field that is advancing and developing at an excellent pace. Modern mobile crime lab manufacturer Vertisa Trailer is very successful in reflecting this advanced technology in its military solutions. The best examples of this are integrating;

  • expandable feature into mobile crime lab types
  • quality
  • professional manufacturing stuff
  • more functional production, etc.

Vertisa Trailer is a successful mobile crime lab that has achieved European and TSE standards with its long-lasting, convenient, and tailored solutions. is the company. Get in touch with Vertisa Trailer, which is preferred by many countries of the world. Get detailed information and offers about mobile crime labs, and other mobile military solutions.

Expandable Mobile Criminal Investigation Laboratory

Vertisa Trailer combined experience and innovative technology and produced an expandable mobile criminal investigation lab. The expandable mobile criminal investigation lab has a system that can be controlled by remote control. Mobile crime lab. after being placed in a suitable place, the desired width is obtained within minutes by choosing one of the different options on the remote control. Thus, you have a wider and more comprehensive laboratory working environment.

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