Mobile dental clinic


Mobile Dental Clinic

A mobile dental clinic is a portable mobile unit developed in line with the needs of the area to be served and the dentist. It can be easily installed in any area needed and is immediately ready for use.

Vertisa designs and manufactures the mobile dental clinic as trailer-based or on-vehicle as needed. Vertisa, which has been designing and manufacturing mobile hospital units for 30 years, offers its expandable mobile dental clinic to users. With Vertica’s mobile dental clinic equipped with smart technology, dentists provide health services with the greatest comfort wherever needed.

Mobile Dental Clinic Trailer

They are project-based mobile units configured by Vertisa for the specifications of dentists and general health services. The mobile dental clinic trailer, which can be easily transported to any place needed using a motor vehicle, can be produced in desired dimensions. Vertisa designs and manufactures its mobile dental clinic internationally. The mobile dental clinic trailer, which has a very wide usage area, has been equipped the trailer with smart technology. Vertisa dental clinic trailer; It projects different dimensions such as 20 ft, 40 ft, and 53 ft according to the need. The capacity of the mobile dental clinic can be increased from 2 dental chairs to 10 dental chairs. Vertisa is also very professional in the manufacture of expandable mobile dental clinic trailers in parallel with the needs.

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Expandable Mobile Dental Clinic Trailer

The expandable mobile dental clinic has been designed and manufactured to provide much more workspace than meets the eye. The expandable mobile dental clinic trailer has a system controlled by remote control. After the dental clinic trailer is positioned in a suitable place on the field, it will be enough to choose the one that suits the need from the options on the remote control. Thus, in a short time, the mobile dental clinic is expanded from the sides to the outside at the desired rate. A more spacious clinical environment for patients and dentists is made possible by the expandable mobile dental clinic trailer. You can get more detailed information about the expandable dental clinic trailer by contacting Vertisa’s expert technical team immediately.

Where is Mobil Dental Clinic Trailer Used?

The mobile dental clinic trailer was produced by Vertisa on a project basis;

  • Individual dentists can be transported wherever needed and provide on-site health care.
  • The hospital can be used as an extra clinical service.
  • Various oral and dental diseases can be screened and cared for in schools.
  • Dental health services can be provided to the visitors by establishing next to the church.
  • It is suitable for military use.

Mobil Dental Clinic Truck

The mobile dental clinic truck is a mobile clinical unit designed as a vehicle-mounted unit. It can be used easily in all kinds of climates and road conditions. Vertisa designs mobile dental clinic trucks according to needs and manufactures them with its expert team. mobile dental clinic truck; It can be customized in different sizes such as 17 ft, 20 ft, 26 ft, or 30 ft. With the mobile dental clinic, which has been modernized within the framework of end-user needs, on-site dental examination and oral health services are easily provided. The mobile dental truck, which is very practical to install and use, is produced by Vertisa by European quality standards for many countries.

Where is Mobil Dental Clinic Truck Used?

The mobile dental clinic truck, which Vertisa manufactures internationally, are mobile unit designed to screen for dental diseases and perform oral health in any area needed. The mobile dental clinic truck, which has a very wide usage area;

  • For students and teachers in schools
  • For personnel in the military field
  • For those living in the most challenging road conditions without a health infrastructure.
  • Hospitals to provide more clinical services, etc. can be used easily in the fields.

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Mobile Dental Clinic Features?

Vertisa produces its mobile dental clinic on a project basis for many countries of the world. With its completely solution-oriented approach and innovative perspective, it considers all the details required for a dental clinic. Vertisa, the mobile dental clinic modernized as a result of the work of its expert R&D group;

  • It can be produced as trailer-based or on-vehicle.
  • It is projected in the desired width.
  • It can have capacities of 2 – 10 or more dental chairs.
  • It shows high performance in the toughest road and climatic conditions.
  • They are mobile units that are ready for immediate use.
  • Also to basic sections such as the examination room, waiting room, sterilization room, an x-ray room, different sections can be added according to to need.
  • Provides extra clinical service for hospitals.


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