Mobile Dialysis Trailer


Mobile Dialysis Trailer

Mobile dialysis trailer, also called mobile dialysis center, is a private mobile clinic developed to provide on-site treatment to dialysis patients. Mobile dialysis trailer, which can be produced in trailer-based or truck types, are immediately ready for use.

Vertisa produces mobile dialysis trailers for many countries on a project basis, based on the health sector specifications. These units, which are designed to provide fast and on-site health services to dialysis patients, equipped and developed with smart technology, can be practically transported to different locations.

Mobile Dialysis Truck

On-site dialysis service is provided to kidney patients with the mobile dialysis truck manufactured by Vertisa on a project-based worldwide basis. Mobile dialysis truck is produced in various sizes according to needs. Vertisa produces the mobile dialysis truck by European quality standards. You can contact the Vertisa technical team now to get detailed information about the affordable and high-performance mobile dialysis truck.

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Mobile Dialysis Unit Features

Vertisa has brought this mobile solution to the greatest performance by integrating advanced technology facilities into the mobile dialysis unit. Equipped with smart technology, the mobile dialysis unit has features far beyond user expectations.

  • It is portable.
  • It is economical.
  • It is produced in the capacity of 8 or more dialysis chairs, depending on the need.
  • It has a patient elevator according to need.
  • Installs quickly.
  • It has HEPA filtration, heating, electricity, and an internet system.
  • Expandable mobile dialysis trailer is produced according to preference.

Expandable Mobile Dialysis Trailer

Vertisa produces expandable mobile dialysis trailers with its expert R&D group and professional manufacturer team. The expandable mobile dialysis trailer equipped with smart technology is controlled by remote control. The mobile dialysis trailer is positioned on a suitable site. By pressing one or more options on the remote control, the expandable dialysis trailer presents its magnificent show. The mobile dialysis trailer, which expands out from the sides at the desired level within minutes, is now ready for use. You can contact us immediately to get detailed information about the expandable mobile dialysis trailer, which provides a wider and more spacious environment for healthcare personnel and patients.

Importance of Mobile Dialysis Center

In many countries of the world, there are negative situations such as various natural disasters or wars. Disruptive events such as a large-scale earthquake, war, or tsunami can destroy the health infrastructure of countries. Such a situation is critical for kidney patients. Thus, many countries demand mobile dialysis centers to prepare or precautions in situations such as possible natural disasters or war. Vertisa raises the disaster preparedness level of many countries to the next level by providing solutions to these demands with its fast and professional approach. At the same time, reaching kidney patients living in remote areas under normal conditions and providing on-site dialysis treatment becomes much more practical with this mobile hospital solution.

Mobile Dialysis Trailer Manufacturer

Mobile dialysis trailer manufacturers are working in line with the needs of health services, health workers, and patients in many countries. Vertisa is a trailer producer that continues to work for the same purpose. Vertisa, which offers the highest quality mobile solutions to its customers by working with the best, has completed mobile dialysis trailer projects that it has received from many countries of the world. With Vertisa, which guarantees quality, longevity, functionality, and cost-effectiveness in production, healthcare services become very practical.


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