Mobile educational trailer


Mobile Educational Trailer

Mobile educational trailer; This is a mobile unit developed to provide education services for students or adults who live far from mass settlements or in steep areas. It is produced in different types such as educational trucks, mobile school trailers, and mobile education trucks, and is called by different names. It can be easily moved to different locations. The mobile education trailer, whose interior and exterior design is determined according to the needs, is produced by Vertisa in European standards. With its innovative perspective and solution-oriented approach, Vertisa is a leader in the production of the mobile educational trailer.

Mobile Classroom Education Trailer

The mobile classroom education trailer is a mobile trailer model that can be practically transported to the desired region and produced in different lengths and widths according to the needs. Vertisa has integrated more than 30 years of experience in trailer manufacturing into the mobile classroom education trailer.

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Mobile Education Truck

Mobil education truck is a mobile training unit designed to provide training services to different locations. Mobil education truck, which can be increased in length and width according to needs, is produced by Vertisa trailer on a project basis. It offers the opportunity to be used in all kinds of climates and road conditions.

Mobile School Trailer

Mobile school trailer is another frequently used name for the mobile educational trailer. Vertisa manufactures mobile school trailers for many countries on a project-based basis and delivers them quickly.

Mobil Education Classroom Trailer General Features

In general, the mobile education classroom trailer offered by Vertisa so that education and training services are not disrupted under any circumstances;

  • Practically portable.
  • It is economical.
  • It has wide options based on its dimensions.
  • Optionally, it is produced as an expandable classroom trailer.
  • It can be used in all road conditions.

Mobile education classroom trailer units can be adapted to different usage purposes. You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get detailed information about the mobile education classroom trailer produced by Vertisa so that education and training services are not interrupted.

For What Purpose Is Mobil Educational Trailer Used?

The mobile educational trailer that Vertisa produces on a project basis is constantly updated based on needs. Usage areas of mobile training trailers with different design options for different purposes;To provide education services to hard-to-reach locations, education, and training services.

  • To ensure the continuity of education services in areas where various natural disasters are experienced.
  • to give special education courses on-field

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Mobile Educational Trailer Manufacturer

Mobil educational trailer manufacturers start by aiming to provide solutions for the needs of mobile school manufacturing works. The mobile educational trailer, which is needed for different purposes in different countries, is produced in different options. With its innovative perspective, Vertisa has completed its mobile school manufacturing works for many countries for many years. Vertisa always exhibits solution-oriented approaches in mobile solutions with professional teamwork from the projecting stage to the manufacturing stage.

Expandable Educational Trailer

Vertisa transforms the expandable trailer into an educational trailer according to the needs. An expandable educational trailer is a system that can be controlled by remote control. The first thing to do to take advantage of this feature is; Position the mobile educational trailer in a suitable place you want. Then pressing one or more of the different options on the remote control, that’s it! Within minutes, the mobile trailer expands from the sides, providing the opportunity to provide training services in a wider area. You can contact our technical team immediately to get detailed information and offer about the expandable educational trailer.