Mobile eye clinic trailer


Mobile Eye Clinic

A mobile eye clinic is a mobile clinic developed to screen various eye diseases in the field. Eye examination and various eye surgical operations can be easily performed in this mobile unit.

Vertisa designs the mobile eye clinic in the required dimensions and ensures that it is manufactured with the latest technology. Mobile eye clinics can be manufactured as trailer-based or on-vehicle with the capacity of 1, 2, or 3 patient examination rooms, depending on the need.

Mobile Eye Hospital Trailer

A mobile eye hospital trailer is a mobile unit developed for screening eye diseases in various fields. The mobile eye hospital, which is very practical to install and use, is designed and manufactured according to the health studies specifications of each country. With its innovative and expert perspective, Vertisa also produces the mobile eye hospital trailer as optionally expandable. You can contact us immediately to get detailed information about the mobile eye hospital trailer.

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Expandable Mobile Eye Hospital Trailer

The expandable mobile eye hospital trailer is a special mobile hospital unit equipped with smart technology by Vertisa. The expandable mobile eye hospital trailer has a remote control system. After the mobile eye hospital trailer is positioned in a suitable place on the field, it is enough to select and press the option according to the needs of the remote control. The mobile eye hospital, which is expanded from the sides in minutes, is made ready for use with a wider and more spacious working area. You can get detailed information about the expandable mobile eye hospital by contacting Vertisa immediately.

Mobile Eye Hospital Truck

With the mobile eye hospital truck, it becomes possible to perform various eye disease screening and surgical eye operations in different locations. The mobile eye hospital truck, which can also be used as an extra clinic for an established hospital, is customized and manufactured in different sizes according to the needs. Vertisa carries out its manufacturing activities in line with the climate, road conditions, and health services criteria of each country in the production of project-based mobile eye hospital trucks.

Where and What is Mobile Eye Clinic used for?

  • With the mobile eye clinic, it allows various eye scans to be performed in areas that do not have a healthcare infrastructure far from the center.
  • When an extra eye clinic is needed for hospitals, the mobile eye clinic can support the hospital.
  • It is a mobile clinic that can be used to control patients who have undergone eye surgery in private or state health institutions.
  • On-site eye scanning becomes practical with a mobile eye clinic for students studying in the city or different regions far from the city.
  • Mobile eye clinic is also used to perform emergency eye operations on site.
  • They are mobile units used for operations such as eye examination, retinal research, lens examination, and cataract surgery with a mobile eye clinic.

Mobile Eye Clinic Trailer Manufacturer

Healthcare specifications always guide mobile eye clinic trailer manufacturers. Continuing its completely solution-oriented approaches and professional manufacturing activities, Vertisa also accepts meeting the needs of the sector as its main mission. Offering long-lasting, functional, and cost-effective mobile clinical solutions, Vertisa has achieved the same success in the manufacture of mobile eye clinics. Vertisa, which offers solution-oriented approaches to the mobile eye clinic trailer requests received from many countries, has completed all its project work. He continues his work in this field actively in Turkey.


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