Mobile folding container


Mobile Folding Container

The mobile folding container is a special container model with easy and fast installation. It has a very wide usage area. It can be reconfigured outside the standards according to the need. The mobile folding container requires less space to store when not in use. Vertisa Trailer professionally produces mobile folding containers with special advantages for you. Vertisa provides fast solutions to the ever-increasing demands of foldable containers due to its practical use.

Where is Foldable Container Used?

Foldable container, which Vertisa Trailer manufactures in line with the needs of customers with its expert engineers and production department;

  • In disaster areas
  • On construction sites
  • In dormitories
  • In resettlement areas
  • In hospitals
  • Offers fast and practical solutions for camps.

It can be used for different purposes such as home, office, hotel, or meeting room, depending on the usage area. So, it is called different names such as foldable container house, and mobile folding office. Contact Vertisa and get detailed information about the folding container.

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Advantages of Foldable Container

Foldable containers are much more helpful than standard containers. The fact that it provides practicality in many ways has led to an increase in its usage area. Very useful foldable containers;

  • It is more economical.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • It is very practical to carry.
  • Easy to stow when folded.
  • Its functionality changes according to the area used. The same container can be used as a house, office, or warehouse.
  • The building material is quite durable.
  • Length, width, and height options can be changed according to your needs.
  • It provides a very comfortable extra environment.

Vertisa is very insistent on innovation and development infoldable container manufacturing. As in all mobile solutions, Vertisa has become the leader in the field of folding containers and has completed thousands of overseas projects.

Mobile Folding Container Features

The mobile folding container is a practical solution that creates temporary accommodation or special-purpose space for its users. Mobile folding containers that Vertisa produces according to your expectations;

  • Assembly and installation are extremely fast and practical. Installation is completed in a very short time.
  • More economical than standard portable containers.
  • It does not need a large area for storage after folding, it saves space.
  • About 10 containers can be stacked in the same area.
  • It can be installed and used repeatedly when needed.
  • Many materials used in manufacturing are environmentally friendly, meeting industry standards.
  • Optionally, the walls are produced from fireproof, waterproof, and soundproof panels.
  • Lighting, sliding window system, and power connections are optionally integrated.
  • It is produced in an expandable structure according to the need.
  • It can be reconfigured to the desired length and width.

How to Install Foldable Container?

A foldable container house or office is very simple to set up. Foldable container installation steps in a short time;

  • First of all, the foldable container is connected to a crane from the roof and lifted. After all the walls have been opened, the removal process is complete.
  • The front and back walls are pushed towards the place where they should be like a fixed house wall.
  • The whole structure is fixed with the bolts delivered with the container.
  • Finally, install the door lock. It is now ready to use.

Mobile Folding Container Prices

Mobile folding container prices with different options for manufacturing differ. Wall thicknesses, window qualities, flooring materials, different insulation materials, doors in different structures, and more options affect the cost of the mobile foldable house. Vertisa Trailer produces the folding container for its users wherever you are in the world within the framework of affordable cost and high quality and delivers it to its users quickly.

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