Mobile ICU trailer


Mobile ICU Trailer

The mobile ICU trailer is a mobile unit developed as an emergency tram center. It is used to quickly meet the intensive care needs of patients in situations such as disaster or war. The mobile ICU trailer (mobile intensive care unit), which Vertisa produces on a project basis, can be trailer-based or on-vehicle. Vertisa also manufactures mobile ICU trailers in the form of optionally expandable mobile units. This mobile solution, which is very simple to install, is equal to the intensive care unit in the hospital. The mobile ICU trailer, which can be easily transported to the required area, also allows its users to perform surgical intervention operations.

Mobile Intensive Care Unit

The mobile intensive care unit is the long abbreviation of the short name ICU. With this mobile solution developed by Vertisa for the health sector, emergency areas can be reached quickly and practically. This mobile solution, which enables surgical operations to be handled on-site, is equipped with the necessary features according to the needs.

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Mobile ICU Trailer Features

Mobile ICU trailer designed by Vertisa for your demands and specifications;

  • It can be installed quickly by only one person.
  • It has sections such as the pre-operative preparation room, post-operative intensive care room, and nurse room.
  • It has a HEPA filter system.
  • It has lighting, power and a heating system.
  • It can be transported by a truck or similar motor vehicle.
  • It has a UPS system.

Mobile ICU Types

Developed in line with the needs of the health sector, the mobile ICU trailer is produced in different types according to the demands. Vertisa modernizes the mobile ICU trailer types according to the needs and ensures its production with its expert production team. The mobile ICU can be trailer-based or on-board, depending on preference. Both types are easily portable to a battlefield, disaster area, or for on-site surgical operation. Also, the mobile ICU was re-projected in different sizes; It is also manufactured with a bed capacity of 8, 10, 12, or 15 or more. This trailer solution, which is projected in desired dimensions, can also be produced in an expandable type according to demand. You can contact the Vertisa technical team immediately to have more detailed information about different ICU trailer types.

Expandable Mobile ICU Trailer

Vertisa has succeeded in raising the standards in trailer manufacturing with the expandable mobile ICU trailer. Expandable Mobile ICU is a very helpful mobile solution that has emerged as a result of analyzing user needs. The expandable mobile ICU is controlled by remote control. It will be enough to press one or more options on the remote control to expand the mobile ICU trailer, which is placed in a suitable area, to the desired dimensions. The mobile ICU is made ready for use with a much larger working area than it appears, without spending any physical effort or long time by just one person. You can contact our technical team immediately to get detailed information about the expandable mobile ICU trailer.

Mobile ICU Manufacturers

It is the mission of mobile ICU manufacturers to focus on the needs of the health sector and to direct the manufacturing activities accordingly. Based on this mission, Vertisa designs develop, and successfully manufactures a mobile ICU solution as a result of the work of its expert R&D group. Mobile ICU, which provides significant advantages to the health sector, is welcomed with great interest by all health sector employees. Vertisa has completed mobile ICU trailer projects in line with the demands it has received from many countries.

Mobile ICU Unit Advantages

Vertisa continues to manufacture mobile ICUs in Turkey. This mobile trailer solution, which provides many advantages for both healthcare professionals and patients, makes it ready for use in its most modern form.

  • It is economical.
  • Installation is very fast and practical.
  • It can be integrated with fixed structures.
  • It is disinfected quickly and easily.
  • It is ready for any surgical operation to be performed on-site.

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