Mobile laboratory trailer


Mobile Laboratory Trailer

A Mobile laboratory is a trailer-based mobile unit designed and manufactured to provide rapid laboratory and pharmacy services on-site in emergencies or areas experiencing natural disasters. The mobile laboratory, which can also be used as an extra service unit for hospitals or clinics, is very practical to set up and transport.

The mobile laboratory is designed and manufactured by Vertisa in line with the needs of the healthcare industry. Equipped with smart technology, this mobile laboratory is also called mobile medicals, mobile medicine, mobile health lab, and mobile science laboratory.

Mobile Laboratory Trailer

A mobile laboratory trailer is a mobile unit with all kinds of laboratory equipment used for various research and examination in different locations. Vertisa constantly updates the mobile laboratory trailer in line with the needs of the industry and users and equips it with smart technology. Vertisa, with its innovative perspective, also offers an expandable mobile laboratory trailer for sustainable research and investigation studies.

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Expandable Mobile Laboratory Trailer

It has optimized the expandable mobile lab by integrating advanced technology into the mobile lab unit by Vertisa. The expandable laboratory trailer setup that can be controlled by remote control is very practical. After the mobile lab trailer is positioned in a suitable place, it will be enough to select and press one or more options on the remote control. Thus, mobile labs can be expanded at the desired rate within minutes without any physical effort. You can contact Vertisa’s expert technical team immediately to get detailed information and offer about the expandable mobile laboratory.

Mobil Medicals

Mobil medicals are mobile units developed by Vertisa to provide on-site medical services on a project basis. Mobile medicals are ready-to-use units that provide highly practical access to areas without health services infrastructure.

Mobile Medicine

Mobil medicine is a mobile solution developed for various research and examinations in different locations, as well as providing more workspace to a resident hospital. Mobile medicine, which is very practical to install, can be reconfigured to any size by Vertisa. The use of this mobile solution, which is very cost-effective, is increasing all over the world.

Mobile Health Lab

Mobile health lab is an alternative name used for mobile laboratory. The mobile health lab, which has equipment that will not look like a built-in laboratory, can be easily transported anywhere desired and needed. Designed to be suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions, the mobile health lab has four rooms as standard, but it is customized according to this need. It can also be produced as a mobile health lab that can be expanded from the sides as a single or double-sided. Mobil health lab, which is very practical to install, is produced by Vertisa in European quality standards. For detailed information, you can contact Vertisa technical team immediately.

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Mobile Science Laboratory

Mobile science laboratory is mobile units that enable various scientific studies or research to be carried out in different regions far from the city center. Mobile science laboratories with all kinds of laboratory equipment can be designed in different sizes according to the need. Vertisa continues to manufacture mobile science laboratories for many countries, especially Turkey.

Custom Mobile Laboratory Trailers

Vertisa is the company preferred by many countries in the production of custom mobile laboratory trailers. Developed in line with the needs of the industry and users, the custom mobile laboratory trailer is portable. With this mobile unit, which is optionally produced in an expandable type, various researches can be carried out in any preferred area. It can also be used as an extra laboratory unit for any facility. custom mobile lab. You can contact our Technical team immediately to get detailed information about the trailer.

Mobile Laboratory Companies & Mobile Laboratory Manufacturers

The common purpose of mobile laboratory companies and mobile laboratory manufacturers is to meet the requirements of health services and user expectations. Mobile lab equipped with smart technology. With units, Vertisa performs far above expectations. With its long-lasting and very useful mobile lab manufacturing works, Vertisa has reached quality standards that are accepted all over the world, especially in Turkey. With its expert R&D group, engineers, and professional manufacturing team, it has become a preferred and recognized company by many countries by integrating all the possibilities of technology into the mobile solutions it offers for the health sector. You can contact our expert team immediately to get an offer about the mobile laboratory trailer.

Mobile Labs Features

Mobile labs, which Vertisa has produced with advanced technology for 30 years;

  • Since it is manufactured on wheels, it can be easily transported to the desired location.
  • It has male and female health screening units.
  • Provides people with the opportunity to perform various health tests wherever needed.
  • It has a non-slip floor and an easily disinfected general structure.
  • Hepa has necessary details such as filtration and water system.
  • There are clean and waste water tanks.
  • Width and length are configured according to need.
  • It has easy installation.
  • It can be used easily in all kinds of climates and road conditions.
  • It is produced from long-lasting, quality materials.

Mobil Laboratory Trailer Usage Areas

The mobile laboratory trailer has a very wide usage area. Vertisa develops and manufactures mobile lab units for every need. Mobile labs produced by Vertisa for many countries of the world,

  • Provides various tests to all people living in or outside the city;
    • Blood test
    • Diabetes test
    • Pregnancy test
    • STD test etc.
  • It can be used as an extra service unit for a health facility.