Mobile luxury trailer


Mobile Luxury Trailer

A mobile luxury trailer is a modern living unit. It is also called a luxury trailer home. This luxury trailer, which can be adjusted in length and width according to the width of the desired place, has smart technology. Vertisa Trailer designs and manufactures the mobile luxury trailer according to the needs. Adapted to the climatic conditions of the place to be used, this trailer solution has much more comfort than a settled house.

What is the Mobile Luxury Trailer Features?

The luxury trailer manufactured by Vertisa;

  • It has smart technology.
  • It has features completely tailored to your needs.
  • It is produced by the dimensions of the space to be used.
  • It has thermal insulation to be suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions.
  • Thanks to the air conditioning system, the air inside is constantly renewed.
  • The number of rooms is increased according to the need.
  • Areas such as toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens, which are basic requirements, are added to the trailer.
  • It is produced in an expandable structure according to preference.
  • Windows and walls have a thermal insulation system.
  • Since it is produced in the form of a vehicle or trailer, it can be easily transported to the desired location.

Vertisa, which produces professional solutions for needs, modernizes the mobile luxury caravan beyond expectations. The luxury caravan, which can be used as a house, a hotel, or a holiday spot, is very aesthetic interior and exterior design.

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Expandable Luxury Trailer

Vertisa projects and manufactures expandable luxury trailers with smart technology according to your needs. Thanks to this technology, which is integrated into the luxury trailer as a result of the work of the expert R & D group, much more living space is obtained in a very practical and fast way than it appears. Position the expandable trailer controlled by the remote control wherever you want. After that, all that needs to be done is to press one or more of the different options on the remote. Within minutes, the expansion process is completed and the mobile luxury caravan is ready for use.

Luxury Travel Trailers

  • Vertisa customizes the luxury travel trailers according to their needs. Traveling with the luxury trail equipped with smart technology offers users a much more comfortable living space than at home. It is possible for more than one person to travel with luxury travel at the same time. In this trailer solution, which can be adapted to all climatic conditions, every detail is considered for the comfort of the users. Developed by the Vertisa expert R&D group, the luxury travel trailer draws great attention from the country and abroad.

Mobile Trailer Homes

Mobil trailer homes are completely designed and manufactured according to needs. The number of windows, the number of rooms, the width of the rooms, and many other details are designed according to the demands of the users. With the mobile trailer home, which is produced in a completely customizable structure, both travel and accommodation opportunities are obtained. The mobile trailer is integrated into the house in the most modern style in routine vital areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. Mobile trailer homes with smart technology are one of the mobile solutions developed and manufactured by Vertisa.

Mobile Luxury Caravan Production

Vertisa produces mobile luxury trailers based on the experience it has gained in the field of trailer production for years. With 30 years of experience, an expert R&D group, and a professional production team, it has raised the standards in luxury trailer production. Mobile luxury caravan manufacturing, which is completely customized according to preference, is carried out to European quality standards. Interior and exterior design have a very aesthetic architecture. The needs are based on the number and width of the rooms, whether they are expandable, which rooms they will have (living room, bedroom, study room, and more), and many other features. Contact Vertisa now to get more detailed information about the mobile luxury trailer, which is customized on behalf of individuals or institutions instead of standard production.

Mobil luxury Trailer Prices

Mobile luxury trailer prices, produced according to Vertica’s innovative perspective, differ from design to design. The standard width of the trailer, the number of rooms, the width of the rooms, the interior design, and similar flexible features are the necessary criteria for determining the prices. Continuing its production activities in Turkey, Vertisa receives luxury trailer requests from many countries of the world. Vertisa offers the most suitable financial solutions to these demands. Contact Vertisa from anywhere, to get detailed information and offers about mobile luxury trailer prices.

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