Mobile mammography trailer


Mobile Mammography Trailer

Mobile mammography; mobile units developed to perform breast cancer tests in various fields. Since mobile mammography is portable, it provides the opportunity to provide on-site health services.

Vertisa, which has an innovative perspective, equips its mobile mammography trailer with smart technology. The mobile mammography units that it manufactures on a project basis attract great attention worldwide.

Mobile Mammography Units

Mobile mammography units are professionally produced by Vertisa within the framework of health sector specifications. With mobile mammography units, which are designed in different types and capacities according to needs, it becomes very practical to screen for breast cancer in any desired location. Vertisa mobile mammography units;

  • On-board mammography unit
  • Trailer-based mobile mammography
  • Projects and manufactures expandable mobile mammography.

Trailer production for every region of the world

Project 80%
Production 90%
Sales 95%

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On-Board Mammography

The onboard mammography tool is a motorized truck type. The onboard mammography unit, which can be easily transported to any desired location, is immediately ready for use. Vertisa produces on-vehicle mobile mammography in the desired length and width on a project basis.

Trailer-Based Mobile Mammography

Trailer-based mobile mammography can be easily transported to any desired location using a motor vehicle. It has all the facilities of a mammography clinic in a hospital. Mobile mammography, which is designed in the required dimensions, is a ready-to-use unit that can be used in any climate and field conditions. Vertisa manufactures trailer-based mobile mammography by European quality standards.

Expandable Mobile Mammography

Expandable mobile mammography has a system that can be controlled by a remote control equipped with smart technology. Expandable mobile mammography creates a much wider field of opportunity than measurements in motion. Installs in minutes by just one person. After the mobile mammography trailer is placed in a suitable area, it will be enough to press one or more of the different options on the remote control. After this process, the mobile mammography trailer is ready for use in a wide working environment in a short time. You can contact our Vertisa technical team immediately to get a quote about project-based expandable mobile mammography.

Mobile Mammography Trailer Features

Vertisa designs and manufactures the mobile mammography tool according to needs. Offering different and innovative solutions, Vertisa makes the mobile mammography tool ready for use in the most modern sense. Mobile mammography trailer;

  • It is economical.
  • It can be expanded according to to need.
  • It has the necessary equipment according to preference.
  • It offers the possibility of use in all kinds of fields and roads.
  • Breast cancer screening room can be increased as needed.
  • It has an entrance ramp for disabled people.
  • It can be integrated into a local hospital.
  • Also to the standard sections such as mammography room, dressing room, health personnel room, and toilet, the number of rooms can be adjusted according to needs.
  • It has a clean and dirty water tank.

Mobile Mammography Trailer Manufacturer

The main mission of mobile mammography manufacturers is the specifications of the healthcare industry. The mobile mammography trailer, developed for on-site quality and modern breast cancer screening, attracts great attention from many countries. Vertisa successfully concludes mobile mammography trailer projects with smart technology for many countries, especially Turkey. Offering completely solution-oriented approaches with its expert R&D group, engineers, and manufacturing personnel, Vertisa is the leader in mobile trailer manufacturing. You can contact Vertisa, which renews itself in every way in parallel with the advancing technology, and you can get detailed information about our many mobile trailer solutions.

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