Mobile multi clinic trailer


Mobile Multi-Clinic Trailer

Mobile multi-clinic is mobile units that bring different clinics together to perform various health screenings in various locations. The different clinics that will be included in it are determined by the user. Combining the required specifications with the mobile multi-clinic is both economical and functional.

Vertisa has developed the mobile multi-clinic based on the needs of the end-users and has completed mobile multi-clinic projects for many countries. Mobile multi-clinic Vertisa provides professional production as trailer-based or on-vehicle, depending on your needs.

Mobile Multi Clinic Trailer

A mobile multi-clinic trailer has been developed based on the healthcare industry specifications. Vertisa equips the mobile multi-clinic designed in the desired length and width with smart technology. The expandable mobile multi-clinic trailer, which it manufactures in this direction, has been met with great interest by many countries and received many demands. Vertisa, with its expert team, offers solutions to these demands quickly with a completely solution-oriented approach.

Trailer production for every region of the world

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Expandable Multi Clinic Trailer

Vertisa has succeeded in raising the standards in the field of mobile trailer manufacturing with its expandable mobile multi-clinic manufacturing. Vertisa, which has been serving in the trailer manufacturing sector for 30 years, contributes to meeting the needs of the health sector with its expandable multi-clinic trailer solution. The expandable mobile multi-clinic trailer has a remote control system. What needs to be done to use this option is very easy. First of all, the multi-clinic trailer is positioned in a suitable place. After that, the only thing to do is to start one or more of the options on the remote control. In a very short time, without wasting any physical strength, the multi-clinic trailer is expanded at the desired rate. You can contact my expert technical team immediately to get detailed information about the expandable mobile multi-clinic.

Multi Clinic Vehicle

Multi clinic vehicle is a mobile solution that allows people living in different regions without health infrastructure to perform various health screenings and be examined. Its dimensions and clinical numbers can be customized according to need. Multi clinic vehicle is adapted and manufactured according to the climate and road conditions of each country. Multi clinic vehicle is also known as a multi-clinic truck.

Multi Clinic Truck

Multi clinic truck is an alternative name for the multi-clinic vehicle. It has a motorized structure and can be transported to any desired location. The clinics that will be included in it are customized according to the needs of the users. Multi clinic trailer has a non-slip floor and general building material that can be cleaned and disinfected. You can get more detailed information about the multi-clinic truck by contacting the Vertisa expert technical team, which provides project-based production.

Mobile Multi-Clinic Manufacturer & Mobile Multi-Clinic Company

The main vision that is important for the mobile multi-clinic manufacturer and the mobile multi-clinic company is to ensure the sustainability of health services. For this, a mobile multi-clinic manufacturer, the mobile multi-clinic company performs multi-clinic production based on the needs of end-users. With the same vision and mission, Vertisa equips its mobile multi-clinic with smart technology and adapts it according to the climate and road conditions of each country. Vertisa, which guarantees high quality, longevity, greatest performance, and low cost, receives mobile multi-clinic requests from many countries, especially Turkey. Vertisa, which approaches each request with a solution-oriented approach, performs well above the expectations of its customers in the multi-clinic trailer solution it offers.

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Mobile Multi Clinic Features

The mobile multi-clinic is a very useful mobile solution developed for the healthcare industry. The mobile multi-clinic, which is produced on a project basis in the trailer, truck, and vehicle forms;

  • It can be moved to any area needed.
  • It collects different clinics in a single trailer according to need.
  • Ready for immediate use
  • The expandable multi-clinic model is very fast and economical.
  • It has a HEPA filtration system.
  • It has a clean and dirty water system.

Vertisa produces mobile multi-clinic production on a project-based basis, according to every need. Combining its 30 years of experience with technological opportunities, Vertisa offers the greatest solutions to health sector specifications.