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Mobile Office

The mobile office is designed to provide a working environment for employees in a mobile office rather than a permanent office. Another name is a mobile office building.

As it is more economical and more convenient, mobile office technology is offered to companies or individual employees. The main feature that makes the office mobile is the ability to move the necessary equipment to the desired place at any time. Vertisa develops and modernizes mobile office manufacturing with an innovation-oriented production approach. Vertisa has changed the traditional office concept with the innovations it has integrated into the mobile office.

Equipment Required for Mobile Office Building

  • A mobile office building is a special mobile unit that offers you workspace while traveling. It includes flexible and lightweight technology for this. Computers, smartphones, tablets, and network connections are the main equipment of mobile office buildings. With the mobile office building that allows the use of this equipment, you can both travel and continue your work wherever you go.

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What are the General Features of Mobile Office Container?

    • The mobile office is portable.
    • It has all the equipment that a local office should have.
    • It can be adapted to have a separate desk layout for more than one employee.
    • It has internet, satellite and electricity system.
    • Installation and transportation are very fast and practical.
    • It can be adapted to all kinds of climatic conditions.
    • It can be customized according to need.
    • Optionally, an expandable mobile office is also produced in the form of a trailer.

    Vertisa makes the traditional office concept more modern with its mobile technology, depending on the requirements of the age. It works with experts who have a fully innovation-oriented production approach for mobile offices. Vertisa Trailer shapes the general features of the mobile office on the needs of corporate and individual office workers.

What is an Expandable Mobile Office?

The expandable mobile office has been designed and produced in line with the advancing technology. The use of expandable mobile offices, which is seen as very functional for users, has started to increase gradually. The expandable mobile office trailer produced by Vertisa Trailer is a system controlled by remote control. After positioning your mobile office where you want, all you have to do is choose one or more of the different options on the remote control. That’s all! Now it’s time to watch your office reach the width you want. In minutes, a more comfortable working environment than you imagine will be created for users.

Advantages of Portable Mobile Office Trailer

  • Provides savings for companies, institutions, or organizations that are mobile office users.
  • It saves employees from being dependent on a fixed office building.
  • Since it can be updated continuously, disruptions in the workflow are prevented.
  • It provides a more spacious and open working environment.
  • It has rooms where routine needs can be met. (bathroom, kitchen, listening room, study area, toilet, etc.)
  • With the expandable mobile office, you have much more workspace than on the go.
  • It increases the productivity of the employees due to the comfort it offers.
  • Installation and assembly are very fast and practical.

With Vertisa, you have the most modern mobile office trailer. With its 30 years of experience, expert R&D group, and professional team, Vertisa Trailer allows you to get rid of old-style working opportunities. Vertisa Trailer needs to produce beyond the expectations of its customers with its domestic and international-based mobile office production.

Custom Mobile Office Manufacturing

Vertisa focuses entirely on customer expectations and needs in the field of custom mobile office manufacturing. With its innovative perspective, Vertisa Trailer projects a custom mobile office after analyzing your needs and ideals for all types of mobile offices. In the next step, it manufactures portable mobile offices equipped with the most modern technology. Vertisa Trailer is a fully professional team with expert engineers, an integration team, main bodyworkers, and assembly and electrical installation workers. In general, this team aims to produce solutions for your special mobile office expectations, as in other mobile solutions. Contact Vertisa, which introduces itself with its fast and modern solutions to the increasing demands for custom mobile offices in the country and abroad, and get more detailed information about custom mobile office manufacturing.

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