Mobile quarantine clinics


Mobile Quarantine Clinics

Mobile quarantine clinics are mobile units developed to isolate and treat patients in environments with deadly infectious diseases. Mobile quarantine clinics can be easily transferred to any region needed, or they can be integrated as a more quarantine clinic close to a settled hospital.

The mobile quarantine clinic, which Vertisa produces on a project basis, has smart technology. The demand for mobile quarantine clinics has increased especially with Covid-19. Vertisa, which has completed mobile quarantine clinic projects for many countries, continues to receive the demand in this area.

Mobile Quarantine Vehicle

Mobile quarantine vehicles are mobile quarantine units designed and manufactured by Vertisa within the framework of needs. Mobile quarantine vehicle dimensions are increased according to demand. The mobile quarantine vehicle, which is used for patient isolation, is a very practical mobile solution being ready to be used practically. You can contact our technical team immediately to get more detailed information about the mobile krantina vehicle.

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What Is Mobil Trailer Clinics Used For?

  • Mobile trailers are units used by health institutions or organizations for the isolation and treatment of patients infected with a clinically fatal and contagious virus. Mobile trailers are designed and manufactured in different sizes according to clinical needs. It has independent rooms and toilets for patients. So, it is structured considering the risk of contamination of healthcare workers. Developed by Vertisa in line with the needs, the mobile trailer is equipped with clinical smart technology.

Features of the Mobile Quarantine Clinic

  • The mobile quarantine clinic, whose importance and usage rate have increased especially with Covid-19, is designed according to the need, regardless of standard measures. The mobile quarantine unit, which can be easily transported to the desired location, also provides a great advantage in reducing the hospital density in regions where epidemics are experienced. Mobile quarantine clinic in general;

    • It is economical.
    • It has a HEPA filtration system.
    • The number of rooms is increased according to the need.
    • Each isolated patient room has a toilet and a bathroom.
    • Health personnel room, kitchen, and separate resting room, toilet, and bathroom for health personnel.
    • Each room has an independent ventilation system.
    • Airlock door system is used.

Mobile Quarantine Clinics Manufacturers

Mobile clinic manufacturers direct their manufacturing activities within the framework of healthcare industry specifications. The use and importance of the mobile quarantine clinic, which has been used for a long time but whose importance is not sufficiently understood, has increased especially with Covid-19. In this direction, Vertisa, which received a high demand for the mobile quarantine clinic, succeeded in offering fast, practical, and highly functional solutions to these demands. In particular, Vertisa, which integrates technology opportunities into the mobile quarantine clinic, has performed much more than expected with its expandable mobile quarantine manufacturing.

Expandable Mobile Quarantine Clinic

Vertisa transforms the expandable trailer into a quarantine clinic-based entirely on needs. The expandable mobile quarantine trailer, which provides much more space than meets the eye, was designed and produced by Vertisa for many countries. The expandable mobile quarantine trailer is a remote control system. After the mobile quarantine unit is positioned in a suitable place, the mobile quarantine trailer is brought to the desired width in a short time by selecting and pressing one or more options on the remote control. Thus, a wider environment is obtained for both patients and healthcare personnel.

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