Mobile stage and cinema


Mobile Stage and Cinema

Mobile stages and cinemas are portable stages designed to appeal to a large audience, usually in collective organizations for different purposes. It can serve different purposes as it can be used both as a stage and a cinema. It is also known as a mobile movie theater and is produced as a truck or trailer according to preference. Vertisa Trailer designs mobile stages and cinemas to carry both travel and entertainment events to distant places. With this specially designed trailer, the purpose is not limited to entertainment. It is very useful for promotional presentations, seminars, or any outdoor program.

Mobile Stage and Cinema General Trailer General Features

  • Its installation is very practical.
  • It is produced optionally to include the necessary equipment.
  • It is produced in an expandable structure according to demand.
  • No extra equipment is needed for its mounting.
  • It has air suspension.
  • It is manufactured with 2 or 3 axles.
  • It is produced with monoblock composite panel technology.
  • All materials used in manufacturing are in European and TSE standards.

Vertisa Trailer professionally produces mobile stages and cinema trailers for every need, thanks to its experience gained over the years. The mobile stage and cinema trailer, which is produced in a very aesthetic and useful structure, can be used for different purposes.

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Where is Mobile Stage and Cinema Used?

Mobile stage and cinema, customized by Vertisa, provide ease of use in different areas.

  • touring
  • Opening or ceremony
  • Meeting
  • Promotion
  • Advertisement
  • Open air show
  • Concert
  • Social responsibility projects
  • Mobile stages are the quick solution for outdoor cinema and more.

Advantages of Mobile Stage and Cinema Trailer

Mobile stage and cinema trailers are designed and manufactured by Vertisa Trailer to provide high performance. The advantages it provides within the framework of different usage areas;

  • It does not waste much time for installation.
  • Practically expanded as a result of opening the side covers.
  • It can be easily moved to the desired place.
  • It can turn into a scene or a movie theater.
  • It is a practical solution in crowded organizations.

Custom Mobile Cinema Manufacturing

Aiming to stay away from low-level solutions, Vertisa has been continuing its manufacturing activities for many years with an innovative and modern perspective. In this direction, it has integrated the science of technology into its production based on the requirements of the age. In this direction, it offers solution-oriented approaches by determining the requirements for custom mobile cinema. Depending on preference, the mobile cinema, which it produces as on-vehicle or trailer-based, can be configured outside the standards in the desired width and length. Get detailed information about custom mobile by contacting Vertisa, which focuses entirely on expectations and needs.

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