Mobile Surgery


Mobile Surgery Trailer

Mobile surgery is mobile surgery facility developed to perform various surgical operations in different locations within the framework of the specifications of the health sector. Mobile surgery, which provides immediate surgical intervention for emergencies, is a wheeled hospital. It can be mobile surgery trailer-based or on-vehicle, produced by Vertisa on a project basis. Vertisa mobile surgery, which has an innovative perspective, performs its production with advanced technology equipment.

Mobile Surgery Trailer

Mobil surgery trailer is a mobile unit developed by Vertisa within the framework of the latest user needs. It is very practical to be shipped from one place to another and is ready for immediate use. Vertisa mobile surgery trailer, which integrates all the possibilities of technology into its production and products, also equips it with smart technology. In this direction, it has presented the expandable mobile surgery trailer solution to the users. It has become the most preferred trailer manufacturing company with its fast and high-quality solutions to the expandable mobile surgery trailer demands received from many countries.

Trailer production for every region of the world

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Expandable Mobile Surgical Trailer

Expandable mobile surgical trailer Vertisa is a mobile clinic developed within the framework of expert R&D group studies. The expandable mobile surgical trailer controlled by a remote control offers users the opportunity to expand the mobile clinic at the desired rate without applying any physical force. After the mobile surgical taris are positioned in a suitable area, the only thing that needs to be done is to determine and print one or more options on the remote control according to your needs. After that, the expandable mobile surgical trailer is expanded in a short time at the desired rate. You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get detailed information about the expandable surgical trailer that Vertisa produces by European quality standards.

Mobile Surgery Truck

Mobil surgery truck, which can be customized outside of standard dimensions according to the needs, is a mobile surgical unit designed and developed to provide on-site surgical intervention service. Since it is on a wheeled vehicle, it can be shipped practically anywhere it is needed, together with all its equipment. It provides the opportunity to perform surgical operations quickly in cases of injury due to earthquakes, fires, or various reasons.

Mobile Surgical Unit Features

The mobile surgical unit is manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis for many countries;

  • Its installation is practical.
  • It is portable.
  • It has integrated daylighting systems.
  • It has a HEPA filtration system.
  • It has an uninterrupted ups system.
  • The floor is produced from a non-slip structure.
  • It can be easily disinfected.
  • The operating room has a temperature change system.

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