Mobile toilet & shower


Mobile Toilet & Shower Trailer

The mobile toilet and shower is the mobile solution for a temporary shower or toilet in any area. The mobile toilet and shower, which is quite light but strong, can be pulled even with special automobile power.

Vertisa trailer projects and manufactures mobile toilets and showers according to the needs of users with its innovative and modern manufacturing works. This coil unit, which it has produced by European quality standards, receives a high demand from both domestic and foreign countries.

Portable Restroom Trailer

A portable restroom trailer is an alternative name that can be used instead of a mobile toilet and shower. Vertisa produces portable restroom trailers in different designs for different places. The portable restroom trailer, which is produced on a project basis, can be easily transported to the desired location and made ready for immediate use.

Trailer production for every region of the world

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Sales 95%

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Mobil Toilet Truck & Mobile Shower Truck

Mobil toilets and mobile shower trucks can be combined separately or together in different options according to need. The mobile toilet and shower truck, whose dimensions can be customized according to the width of the space to be used, is produced from a very light but durable material. Vertisa has successfully presented and continues to offer this mobile solution in different forms to many countries.

Mobile Toilet and Shower Features

Although the mobile toilet and shower, designed and manufactured by Vertisa according to the needs, have different features, they are generally aesthetic. Mobile toilet and shower, which counts great advantages for users;

  • It is economical.
  • It is practical.
  • Dimensions are stretched according to the area to be used.
  • It is produced from light material.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It is resistant to climatic conditions.
  • It can be produced in different combinations. ( male + female toilet, 1 toilet + a shower, 2 toilets + 2 showers and more)
  • It can be towed easily with any motor vehicle.
  • The toilet is produced according to the need in the form of a classic or toilet bowl.
  • Shower has a gas heating system.
  • It has a pump siphon system.
  • There is a hand washing station in the toilet and bathroom.

Where is a Mobile Shower and Toilet Needed?

Mobile toilets and showers, which look very aesthetic where they are located, are far from a disturbing appearance. Mobil shower and toilet, which can be produced in different combinations for the required area;

  • For open space organizations with wide participation
  • For camping areas
  • For military areas
  • For outdoor facilities
  • For crowded events held in the garden of the house
  • It is the ideal mobile solution for parks or picnic areas.

Vertisa professionally manufactures mobile toilets and showers according to the width of the usage area and within the framework of other demands.

Mobil Toilet & shower Manufacturers

Mobile toilet and shower manufacturers design and produce these mobile units based entirely on the needs of their customers. Also being a company that produces solutions for customer needs, Vertisa;

  • Perfect design
  • Professional production
  • Fast delivery
  • Long-lasting use and
  • It also guarantees its customers reasonable prices.

You can get more detailed information about the mobile toilet and shower by contacting the Vertisa trailer expert technical team immediately.

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