Platform trailer


Platform Trailer

Platform trailer is the preferred type of trailer for transporting excess loads over 100 tons. Platform trailers are especially preferred for transporting high and wide loads that cannot be covered.

Platform trailer models are designed by the Vertisa expert and professional team in line with your needs. You can contact our technical teams now to get more detailed information about our platform-type trailer products.

What are platform-type trailers? What are its features?

The platform trailer, which is actively used in the industrial field, is successfully designed by Vertisa according to the demands. Vertisa offers solutions to the platform trailer needs of many countries in European standards. Platform trailer general features;

  • Platform trailer provides safe transportation of the load.
  • It can maneuver solidly.
  • The axles on the trailer can be steered by the user.
  • It has a double-acting hydraulic suspension for driving safety.
  • The platform trailer does not have a central spine. Thus, it can be easily moved in a narrow space.
  • It has a carrying capacity of up to 100 tons.

Platform trailer types produced by Vertisa for transportation operations; flatbed semitrailers and curtain sider trailers.

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Flat Bed Semi-Trailer

A flatbed semi-trailer has a flat platform. They are vehicles used for the transportation of heavy and long loads. It is produced according to the legal road conditions of each country. Different types of flatbed trailer options have emerged in line with the needs of the transportation industry. Loading the load on the platform from the top and sides is very practical in all flatbed types.

Vertisa; carries out the production of lowboy, step deck, removable gooseneck trailer, and more on a project-based European quality standard.

Curtainsider Trailer

Curtainsider, which has a curtain that protects the load from external factors, is used in long-distance transportation. Vertisa designs and manufactures curtainsider trailer types such as Maxima plus, mega, and double-decker, for the transportation sector, according to the needs.

Platform Trailer Dimensions

Platform trailer dimensions can be designed and produced by Vertisa according to the needs. Platform trailer dimensions are produced in the required dimensions to meet traffic safety standards, without being bound by a certain standard. You can contact our technical teams immediately to get more detailed information about platform-type trailer dimensions for your projects.

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Platform Trailer Manufacturers

Platform trailer manufacturers have to comply with the transportation and highway standards of the relevant country while offering solutions to their users in the transportation and logistics sector. Vertisa observes all European standards, especially Turkey, in all projects it provides to its users. It offers its users optimum products by considering the current conditions. It never compromises on quality standards in production. The production team, which constantly adapts itself to the latest technology, always aims to move the industry-standard forward with its innovative perspective on the industry.

Platform Trailer Types

Platform trailer types are known by many different names and types in the sector. These platform type trailer types and names are mainly; They are low platform trailer, car platform trailer, semi-trailer platform, and enclosed trailer models.

Low platform trailer

The low platform, specially designed and manufactured by Vertisa, is frequently preferred by logistics companies in long-distance heavy cargo transportation.

Car platform trailer

It is a platform trailer model used for car transport. Vertisa designs and manufactures the car platform according to the needs.

Semi-trailer platform

A semi-trailer platform is a platform trailer model used in dry cargo transportation between 20 and 80 tons. The semi-trailer designed and manufactured by Vertisa in special structures for each payload has high performance in all climatic and road conditions.

Enclosed trailer

The closed platform trailer is designed and produced by Vertisa Trailer according to the needs. Closed platform trailers, which can be produced in desired width and length, are used for loads that need to be transported indoors. In addition, some institutions or organizations use closed platforms as warehouses.

Platform Trailer Prices

The general characteristics of the platform trailer are transferred to the Vertisa technical teams by its users. Vertisa technical staff projects the expected product to give the best solution to customer needs. Vertisa optimizes platform trailer prices without compromising product quality in all projects it provides to its users. Platform trailer prices are generally determined according to the projects needed and offered to the users before the project.