Projed based military trailer


Project-Based Military Trailer

Project-based mobile military solutions are mobile units developed specifically for military use. Based on user needs, Vertisa designs and manufactures project-based mobile military solutions as trailer-based or on-vehicle. Project-based mobile military solutions manufactured by Vertisa within the framework of 30 years of experience and technology; mobile command and control center, mobile drone command center, mobile military kitchen, and much more…

Mobile Command and Control Center

Mobile command and control centers are portable headquarters that Vertisa produces on a project basis as trailer-based or on-vehicle. The mobile command and control center is used as real simultaneous audio and visualization center and allows a wide variety of organizations to be managed from a single center.

Trailer production for every region of the world

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Production 90%
Sales 95%

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Mobile Drone Command Center

Mobile drone command centers are mobile units that enable unmanned aerial vehicles to be controlled from a single center. Vertisa designs and manufactures mobile drone control centers as trailer-based or on-vehicle, within the framework of needs.

Mobile Military Kitchen

Mobile military kitchens are mobile units that provide food and beverage needs in the military field. The dimensions of this mobile unit, manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis, can be increased according to needs.

Military Surgery Truck

Mobile surgery trucks on a vehicle are fully functional mobile units for all kinds of surgical operations manufactured on a project basis.

Auto Lift Container

Auto lift containers are mobile military units controlled by hydraulic remote control, manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis, and capable of loading themselves onto the vehicle without the need for cranes or any equipment. The Vertisa auto lift container can be expanded and equipped on demand.

Mobile Armored Guard Hause

Mobile armored guard houses are mobile military units made of highly durable and bulletproof materials that Vertisa produces on a project-based basis in different sizes in line with the needs.

Mobile Criminal Research Lab

Mobile criminal research labs are mobile units developed to quickly reach the crime scene and collect evidence in various forensic investigations. Vertisa enables the production of mobile criminal research labs in different sizes on a project basis.

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