Reefer trailer


Reefer Trailer

Reefer trailers are vehicles used to transport products or materials that need to be kept at a certain temperature. 

Reefer trailer; It is also known by different names such as a refrigerated trailer, freezer trailer, bulkhead reefer trailer, and cooler trailer. The refer trailer, which has a special heat system so that the products do not deteriorate, stabilizes the heat, humidity, and airflow. The internal temperature can be adjusted between 12 C0 and -70 C0 according to the need. It is one of the most important assistants of logistics companies in the field of cold transportation. Vertisa Trailer designs and manufactures the reefer trailer by the needs.

Refrigerator Trailer

Refrigerated Trailer is another name for reefer trailer. It is a project-based trailer model with full equipment for cold transportation.

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Freezer Trailer

It is a trailer model used in cold transportation. Users also use this name for the reefer trailer. Vertisa offers fast and professional solutions to freezer trailer demands.

Bulkhead Reefer Trailer

It is a reefer trailer type that is manufactured to consist of various sections. It is used for the transportation of cold food, chemical, or any frozen cargo. Vertisa designs and manufactures the bulkhead reefer trailer according to the needs.

Cooler Trailer

It is a trailer type developed for loads that need to be transported cold. Users also use the name cooler trailer instead of the reefer trailer.

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Semi Reefer Trailer

The semi-reefer trailer with the heat regulation system is produced by Vertisa on a project basis. It is a trailer model that is frequently used in long-distance cold transportation.

What Is Reefer Trailer Used For?

A reefer trailer, also known as a refrigerated trailer, is generally used in cold transportation. It has been developed for the safe transfer of different products or materials. It is possible to transport fruits, vegetables, meat products, medicines, or various chemical materials with a reefer trailer without deterioration. Vertisa, which produces freezer trailers for many countries of the world, directs its work in line with the needs of companies engaged in cold transportation.

There are cooling batteries at the back of the Reefer trailer. Thanks to these batteries, the appropriate temperature change is made for the products loaded into the container.

What are the Reefer Trailer Dimensions

Reefer trailer dimensions ( custom reefer trailer dimensions ) differ according to users’ preferences. Standard reefer trailer dimensions, which are manufactured by the climatic conditions of the requested country;

  • Gross vehicle weight; 65,000 pounds
  • load capacity; 55,000 pounds
  • The volume is 85 -m3.
  • Length; 48-53 ft.
  • Internal Width; 8 ft 1.5 inch
  • interior height; 8ft 7inches

Vertisa carries out manufacturing works outside of standard sizes with a completely solution-oriented approach for all cold chain transportation.

Reefer Trailer Manufacturing

Reefer trailer manufacturing is carried out on a project basis. The Vertisa Trailer brings together important variants for uncoordinated transport. It has a completely solution-oriented approach. Vertisa uses high-tech production equipment during the manufacturing phase. Adapted according to the climate and road conditions of the ordered country, the reefer trailer is an alternative tailer solution developed for the transportation industry.

What is Semi Reefer Trailer Components?

The semi reefer trailer is generally built on the following components;

  • Cooler unit
  • Heat insulated box
  • Ventilation unit
  • Ventilation suspension

Vertisa Trailer brings these components together professionally for many countries of the world. Contact Vertisa, which carries out its manufacturing activities based on individual and corporate needs instead of producing large-scale standard products. Get detailed information about the Reefer trailer.

Reefer Trailer Prices

Reefer trailer prices vary within the requested length, width, height, and extra options. Thus, reefer trailer prices are not stable. Yet, Vertisa also offers its users guaranteed quality and long-lasting use, at affordable prices. You can contact our expert unit immediately to get more detailed information about high performance and reasonable prices.